Ditch the Diet

yoga womanIt’s diet season again. Every year millions of people put themselves through gruelling physical deprivation, emotional guilt tripping and subject their bodies to diet pills and sugar free food loaded with toxic artificial sweeteners. Every year they tell themselves “this will be the year that I succeed”, but they never do.

So many people are trapped into this cyclical habit of abuse, self-loathing and delusional thinking. It’s a racket, a scam designed to sell product and to keep people distracted and to goad them into self-hate. It’s a massive global energy drain which raises huge amounts of negative energy.

Diets never work because they’re unsustainable and they don’t tackle the problem at its root. People eat crap and get fat, not because they don’t understand nutrition, but because they don’t love themselves and their bodies. They overeat or eat harmful foods as an act of self-medication to assuage boredom, loneliness, fear, emptiness, etc.

It makes me so sad and angry that people are manipulated in this way. Instead of going on the latest fad diet that punishes and deprives, it would be far more effective to instigate positive changes that reward and nurture.

Meditation, positive affirmations, a physical activity that brings joy (yoga, dance, hiking, cycling, etc.), a new hobby or any other form of positive change that raises the vibration works. Weight often falls away when we are happy, engaged and stimulated. New interests stimulate confidence and nudge us towards more self-loving behaviours.

Faulty eating is a habit or addiction and like any other addiction, it is fed by a deep sense of disconnection from our true authentic self. Reconnecting with the real you brings purpose to life. Cultivating happiness and confidence prompts us to express loving kindness towards ourselves. When we begin to value ourselves as the magnificent creatures that we are, our inner wisdom and intuition guides us to eat the foods that are most beneficial for us.

Do yourself a favour this January, ditch the diet and fall in love with yourself. Fall in love with every excess pound and every roll of fat. Accept it all without judgement. Instead of focusing on how to reduce yourself physically, explore how you can expand yourself emotionally and spiritually.


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