Psychological Comfort Versus Spiritual Strength

Walking a spiritual path is the most challenging undertaking we can embark upon. It’s a journey of self discovery into the new. No two paths are the same, even when they share many commonalities. So there’s no roadmap to follow. Those who authentically and courageously follow a path of heart undertake to become spiritual cartographers into a vast uncharted landscape of the soul.

There are many stumbling blocks along the way. And I believe one of the big ones is learning to discern the difference between concepts and belief systems that primarily arise out of ego thinking and those that arise from within the wisest and most sacred aspect of ourselves.

They each carry trademarks that become easier to spot as we progress deeper into the mysteries of existence. Beliefs, ideologies and concepts that are ego constructed can seem deeply alluring. They are the ones that offer us superficial psychological comfort. At root, their message frees us from responsibility to ourselves and each other. They are dangerous because like all great deception stories, they are woven with aspects of truth to make them appear more plausible. But the overriding vibration they embody is one of ease and the cessation of suffering. And they contradict themselves deeply and fundamentally. They preach unity but advise ruthless autonomy and self gratification.

The guidance that arises from within us, when received clearly without being edited by a defensive ego that fears annihilation, is vastly different. It invites us to reunite, heal and claim responsibility for every aspect of our existence. It reveals to us that unity isn’t a cosy, new age concept to snuggle up with when the outer world of form and the inner labyrinthine world of our fractured minds becomes overwhelming. It reveals that unity is a living code. It directs us to command ourselves as a sentient cell of awareness within this dynamic code. It is a grand and humble role we have tasked ourselves with. It will be painful, we will suffer, we will fear and we will trip and fall many, many times. But we are talking about the evolution of a species here. How could it require anything other than monumental effort, focus and strength?

It isn’t all struggle and darkness though. Of course not! It is our perception that dictates how we engage with the shifts that we seek to bring about, FIRST internally and THEN externally. It’s about an ordering, a prioritising of how we affect change that defines our journey and to some extent dictates how smooth or bumpy the ride.

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