Bluebells are purple

Around my head,

Their indigo halo

Stems my verdant absorption.

Warmed by sweet earth

I float in easy undulation,

And the great heart beats,

A distant pulse against my back.


The breeze comes from far away,

It carries a silver light,

Hazing, softening,

Making all I see, dreamlike

And beautiful.

My skin stops me

From dispersing on the wind,

Like so many seeds,

Lured to colourful creation,

So I implode,

A microcosm of sacred stars.


Gazing at the sky,

The sunshine is blue;

Reaching down to me

Through fluttering green,

It warms my face.

My focus scatters,

Expanding into light;

I am a flower,

Unfolding from the heart,

Within a ring of dancing bells.

 © Sue Claughton, 2016

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