God’s Song

My heart is singing a song,

Can you hear it?

It sings across time and through space.

It is the song I was born with,

Yet it will not die with me.

My song will go on,

Reverberating beyond the imagined universe

Where distant souls will catch the cadence

Of its call. And they will remember.


My song will make you weep,

It will raise you up,

You will laugh with joy,

You will smile as you recognise it,

Because somehow you know

You’ve heard my song before.


You already know me,

Remember sweet soul,

We are all One and this world

Of separation is illusion.

My song will help you see…

Trust me, let it speak

Its truth and allow you to unlock yours.


My song is a thing of sacred beauty,

Singing, harmonising, keeping beat

With the symphony of creation itself.

Its notes will cross galaxies,

Permeate stars,

Infusing the heavens

With a prayer of loving devotion.


I hear your song too,

It is beautiful beyond measure,

Your unique creation.

Yet it is not a song I hear with my ears,

Your divine signature tune

Was created as a wake up call,

A summons from the One Soul

To all of us.


We are both, you and I,

The songwriter, the singer and the audience,

That is the divine beauty that we create here.

We are all singing, every one of us,

And every time a new voice is raised,

The sacred song shifts to accommodate and embrace it.

And this song is the song of life,

It is God’s Eternal Love Song to us all,

And it is beautiful.

© Sue Claughton, 2016

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