I am a prayer

My life is a prayer to God.

Every breath I take thrums

With the life force that sustains me.

Every step I take is a lesson

That shows me again and again

How I may conquer my fear

And come home to myself.

Yet I am never far from home,

Less than a moment away,

And every atom that shapes me

Is default set to guide me to my bliss.


On the outside my life may seem unremarkable,

But deep within, I am an extraordinary being of light

Who is immersed in the sea of creation.

Yet I guard this secret well, even from myself.

Apart from sometimes, when the veil slips

And I stretch effortlessly into infinity.


But even when I perceive myself falsely

And my light appears to dim,

Even then, when I go within

I feel my skin straining to contain me,

For fear my true nature will break free,

Shattering my limited illusions before I am ready.

Even now, as I sit here quietly,

I can feel it, a tipping point, a balancing act

As who I think I am wrestles with who I know myself to be.


I am God’s love, God’s joy, God’s peace.

I didn’t think I was big enough to hold so much

But I find that I am vast, immense beyond belief.


Can you feel it too?

That gentle hum like a million fluttering doves.

That is you, your essence,

Vibrating, pulsating with the heartbeat of creation.

You are amazing, you are beautiful,

You and I are everything

And we are nothing.

We are free, we are unbound,

We are the silent sound,

Sharing a dream of physicality.

© Sue Claughton, 2016

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