Ready or Not

You hold the entire world within You.
The world doesn’t contain you, you contain it.
You have created this world unconsciously;
Your emotions have coloured it,
Your desires and fears have textured it,
Your passions have animated it,
Your thoughts have shaped it,
Your uninformed prejudices have shaded it.
Do you like what you have created?
Or could you create better?

The time for unconscious creation
has come to an end.
It’s time to consciously create
A world far beyond this three dimensional
Slash and splash of unrestrained knee jerk reactivity.
It’s time to stretch into deeper dimensions.
Do you know how?
Can you reach beyond the flimsy barricade
That boxes you into false limitation?
Do you dare?

You are an artist without an audience,
Yet you do have a benefactor.
Your benefactor knows your worth,
Understands your prevarication,
Yet has grown weary of the false humility
You use as a prop to excuse your impotence.
A benefactor is a figure of support, a well wisher
Who fires your creative expression through
Nurturing and sustaining you, until you are ready
To stand alone, self nourished and free of limitation.

This time of weening must stop,
Or how else will you thrive in full knowing,
Of what and who you have the potential to become?
Evolve or die. Grow or wither.
It’s not exactly now or never,
But if not now, when?
The world is waiting with bated breath for You,
And only You. Do you sense the anticipation
Of a world on the edge of the precipice,
Of awakening from the dream of You?

You inhabit an empty theatre,
No one waits in the wings,
You are alone on the stage of existence.
What play will you stage?
A tragedy? A drama?
Or will you step free of the stage,
Abandoning its narrow confines
And reach into the impenetrable darkness,
Beyond the spotlights and far beyond the auditorium,
To be the star that you’re destined to become?

© Sue Claughton, 2016

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