Who’s pulling your strings?

puppet strings



I’ve come across two stories in the news today. The first one was asking whether there should be a ban on schoolgirls wearing the veil. The second reported that a school has told parents not to wear their pyjamas when dropping their kids off at school in the morning. Two different stories with a common theme – control.

It got me thinking. Surely, in a supposedly free society, WE get to choose what WE will wear? Not schools, not the police and certainly not the government. We need to be very careful. If we submit to these infringements, if we allow authority figures to dictate the minutiae of our lives, one day in the not too distant future we are going to wake up living in a draconian world where Big Brother says jump and we ask how high.

It doesn’t matter whether you think parents should get dressed before doing the school run or whether Muslim schoolgirls should wear the veil. That misses the point entirely. The point is you get to choose for yourself and everyone else is afforded the same liberty. By attempting to legislate in favour of obedience and conformity at this micro level in our lives, governments are grooming us. They are training us to conform and obey, and their aim is to stifle individuality and encourage uniformity. And of course obedience is obedience, from the seemingly small details of life right through to the fundamentals of what it is to be a free human being. The mechanism of compliance is the same.

Don’t you see what is happening? They are testing the water. They are seeing how we respond to state involvement in our private lives. They are exploring how passive we are. In some states in the U.S., it is illegal to collect your own rainwater. At many schools in the U.K., children are sent home if they have the ‘wrong’ haircut. These are just two examples of how our rights are being eroded by an overzealous state.

Firstly, they chip away at our individuality, our quirkiness, our uniqueness– in other words they want to banish freedom of expression and cultivate an army mentality. They want us to be indistinguishable from the next person, so that anyone flouting the rules immediately stands out as being different. Being different equates to a threat. And people self-regulate when they have been indoctrinated in this way. They either ridicule those that don’t conform or they turn informant.

Secondly, they seek to disempower us. And this is the biggie. From cradle to grave we are indoctrinated into a system that seeks to take away our power, or convince us that we had none in the first place, and encourage us to abdicate responsibility to the state. And the reason they do this is because they fear what we are becoming. They know that an evolution of consciousness is underway. And they are doing everything within their power to stop it.

So next time, before you get offended by the differences you perceive in another, stop and feel into why you feel offended. Is it your own thoughts and feelings that are leading you or are your strings being pulled? Have you been conditioned to respond to difference and individuality from a position of fear and negativity? Go within and feel into where it’s coming from.

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