As It Is






Wholeness creates a spaciousness of silence;

A silence with a voice so unimaginably loud,

So expressively deep, that its tone is nothing on the ear.

I rest and am consumed and am born again;

Over and over, until the knowing is forgotten.

In the narrowest of moments that is All Moments.


Experiencing deep silence, deep, deep peace, so vast

It tips my senses to excess and expands my awareness

To that which cannot be quantified.

Rocketing out to fill and overfill the heavens.

And back again, to rock in the sacred, hidden moment

Of nowhere, no time, no sound, no-thing.


Within and without dissolves for a second,

The memory of the moment echoes,

Spreading tentacles of remembrance,

Soul prompts, leading the way back home.

Birth, death and love revolve

Through the framework of my being,

What Is and What Is Not, in balance – together.


A fracturing of thought allows me to experience

The One Act that lasts for all eternity

In the timeless history of my being.

Hope has died within the moment; it is not needed anymore,

And regret for loss of the moment is meaningless now.

I have it all and I have nothing,

Sometimes I know it and that is As It Is.


© Sue Claughton, 2016

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