The Power of Magnificent Older Women



There are many ways of expressing and embodying freedom. One of the big ones for women, is to step outside of the rules that have been laid down for us. The rules state that we must hide our natural beauty as ageing women, that we must pretend to be like our younger sisters. We must dress like them, try to make our skin and bodies look like theirs and hide our wisdom behind the giggling uncertainty that is a natural feature of young girls.

Well, screw that! Hahaha, why would we hide what makes us so gloriously beautiful? It is our wisdom and we have earned it through love, loss, caring and living ALL of our years. Our years have made us. Why would we deny them? And our younger sisters, what of them without strong, authentic older women living freely and wildly expressing, asserting what it is to be woman coming into the ripeness of wisdom? Will we teach them to fear their power? Will we teach them to hide from the years or will we show them what a free woman looks like?

Lots of women my age seem to trail an apology in their wake. They’re sorry that they’re lined, grey, too fat, too thin, too whatever. Shadow women trying to blend in and hide. And I want to pull them out into the light and drape them in beautiful colours and crystals and flowers. I want them to love themselves, for themselves, exactly as they are. Because I love me in this way and I want to share with them how magnificent we are, us older women.

And I want to tell them, don’t be so damned polite and accommodating. Let yourself go, be who you are deep down when no one is watching. Be that and no matter how old you are, the world will fall in love with you.

Have You Discovered Your Calling?


It’s so important to do what we came here to do. I’m not talking about your job, although sometimes the two coincide. What I’m talking about is far more important than what you do to earn a living, which for many of us is just what we need to do to put food on the table and a roof over our heads.

What we came here to do is find our vocation, our calling. It’s a call to fulfil ourselves by expressing our essence. It’s always a call to be love, and the being of it – love, can take many shapes. When we find it and follow our calling, we come ALIVE, we shift a gear and begin to inhabit a very different world from the shuffling, obedient and conforming existence of wealth generation for the ruling elite.

When we follow our calling, we align with the creative power of life. This life enhancing flow of power can help us enormously. We begin to notice gifts hidden under the surface of everyday life. Subtle nods of approval from the Universe come to us through synchronicity, symbolism through music, nature or what we read. These powerful synchonicities, which always show up bang on time, help us move forward deeper into our calling. These messages are hard to convey to others with any plausibility because they are intended specifically for us, but we know and that’s enough.

Your calling, when heeded, will expand you, it will satisfy something deep within your being that needs to express. Your calling is that very special thing that brings meaning and purpose to your life. Everyone’s purpose is to express love through self expansion and in order to accomplish that, we find our unique calling.

In order to dive into our calling, we need to understand that we wouldn’t have been given our calling without also being given the tools and means to actualise it. But those tools and means don’t make themselves know UNTIL we take a plunge of faith into the unknown with conviction. It’s only then that we directly experience how loved and supported we are. The Universe actively conspires to help us. It’s a joyous moment when a person comes alive to life through embodying what they came here to do. Creation itself celebrates, supports and bends over backwards to accommodate us.

So many of us live pointless lives because we’ve bought into a false idea of what success looks like. Here’s the thing – success doesn’t look like anything because it’s different for everyone. It certainly doesn’t look the way we’ve been led to believe – a nice car, house, wealth and public acclaim. These features CAN be present, but they are not of themselves REPRESENTATIVE of what a successful life actually is.

And that’s where so many of us get it wrong. We spend decades, a life time even, in a state of distraction. Because the world is deliberately set up to make material success difficult, laborious and time consuming, it leaves us with very little breathing space to discover our true calling, the purpose of life itself.

Many of us have spend a decade or two in the rat race before we realise it’s deeply unfulfilling. And then the search for meaning begins. I did it myself. I used to earn a lot of money. My going rate as a freelance copywriter was £50 an hour, but I gave it up because it was making me poor in spirit. And now, I write for free! No one tells me what to write or when, I write when I’m moved to write. And I’ve never been happier or more me.

So how do you find out what your calling actually is? In a world where our attention is pulled in so many different directions, the first thing we must do is focus. Quiet time in meditation and nature can help us tune into direction from our Higher Self. But perhaps the most helpful practice we can inintiate is to bring presence into our lives. When we learn to pay attention to our outer and inner environment, we begin to notice what makes us feel ALIVE. We observe our bodies and our emotions because deep down at a cellular level, your calling is waiting for you to discover it. What makes you feel strong, happy, empowered, passionate and excited? These emotions can lead you, if you’ll allow it, in the direction of your calling.

When you set out to uncover your calling, keep an open mind. Don’t block your calling from reaching out to you with preconceived ideas of what a calling should be. Some of the most beautiful callings are humble and simple in nature. Just because you find your calling doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a world changer. But it will change YOUR world and the lives of people in your enviroment for the better.

For everyone that lives their calling with an open heart and humility, light and love floods into the world. Positive energies radiate outwards from a heart aligned with love. So even if you perceive your calling to be ‘small’, it will impact the world just as powerfully as larger and grander callings. Energetically, you will have accomplished your mission here on earth.

I Am Love

I am a healer of worlds,

I am the ties that bind

Heart to high heart,

High heart to soul.

I am the sacred negotiator,

Who balances with harmony,

Who has no fear of hate.


I am the spell weaver

Of emotions, a heart surgeon

With a scalpel that never inflicts pain.

I show you a different way

To be whole, new yet weathered,

Tempered by my all

Encompassing embrace.


I bring light to the darkness

Of a cupped heart, held together

With dreams, hopes and years

Of tears. I melt barriers;

There is no disgrace

In feeling deeply into

Your scared and lonely place.


I take you there, I wait.

Time heals, wisdom is

Another word

For learning to recognise fate…


I am love because

There is no other way.

I fight the good fight

To liberate, to heal,

To allow you to dictate

How love will take shape

For you, for the life you create.


© Sue Claughton, 2016


ebb and flow


We are not so very different from every other aspect of nature. Like the seasons, like the plants and flowers, and perhaps most like the ocean, we ebb and flow. First there is an outward impulse of growth, maturation and flowering, a pause, and then an inward tendency towards rest, dormancy and contraction.

We are cyclical in nature. In our natural state, without external manipulation, we are beings of balance. We seek, we explore, we realise and then we rest and reflect. Our very breath mirrors the sacred rhythms that allows life to be and then not be, only to become once again.

To be all we can be, it’s vital to honour the sacred rythym of life. It’s impossible to focus exclusively on the flow – the reaching out and extending into the world, without balancing the output of creative energy with a gathering in time of rest and reflection.

Human beings don’t cope well as full time human doings. It doesn’t sound right, it doesn’t look right and it doesn’t FEEL right. Everyone has heard of high achieving professionals burning out. And that’s exactly what has happened to the human species en masse. We’ve overextended ourselves in such a fundamental way that the whole world has become sick and fatigued.

The malaise runs so deep, we don’t even know how to be still, how to rest and how to reflect. For the few hours at the end of each day and the weekend, we have no idea how to simply be. So perplexing, so overwhelming is the whole idea of being without purpose, we DEMAND entertainment. We crave diversion and we beg for medication to ease our soul’s longing.

We fritter away those golden hours watching TV, obsessing at the alter of celebrity, worrying away at elite generated concerns – how thin am I? how beautiful? how rich? how happy? We don’t even know what happy looks like because we’ve traded joy and bliss for cheap thrills and banal ego boosting twaddle. Harsh criticism? No, that really is how so many of us survive.

Is it our fault? Well kind of, but not entirely. We’ve been programmed with such rigour that it’s hard to resist. We’ve been well and truly worked on. For centuries we’ve submitted because we couldn’t see another way. And also it was a numbers game. Because we were brainwashed so thoroughly, it took a very special kind of person to see through the illusion and break free. Very few did.

But now, well since the 1960’s really, a mass awakening has been activated. I’m not 100% sure what has stimulated this activation process but I intuit that it’s our future selves reaching out to us across time. ‘We are the ones we’ve been waiting for’ is far more than a self empowering mantra to be taken at face value. I believe our future selves are in fact coming to our aid. They are speaking to us in dreams and visions, in number codes such as 11:11, through synchronicity and through sudden insights and inspirations.

Our future selves reach out to us all the time, but we only become aware of their gifts in our quiet times, in the ebb of our lives, not the flow. We are receptive when our thoughts settle, when we are walking in nature, gazing at the night sky, watching the flickering flame of a candle or lying quietly in a bath. You get the picture; we receive when we are being, not doing. Our vibration has to be calm, soft and at ease so that these gifts from our future selves can find the openings in between our thoughts, to slip in gifts from the ‘future’. You could just as well insert higher self as future self, but that’s a whole new article.


I’m finished with playing small. I relinquish the need for polarity in order to define myself as good and worthy. I step into the magnificence of my radiant loving heart. I unapologetically express my greatness with ease and humility.

I drop the need to attract drama into my reality. Excitement, meaning and purpose arise out of my non-resistance to life’s infinite creativity.

I turn away from wars and battles. They are not needed anymore. My very being is at peace with itself and all expressions of life. Outer wars are reflections of inner conflict.

I allow all beings to be exactly as they are. I do not even refrain from judgement. The desire to judge is extinct within me. I neither judge myself nor any other, including all situations and experiences. I exercise discernment in all areas of my life.

I cultivate the observing presence. I reside there with greater frequency and root myself deeply in the ground of self knowing.

I neither grasp nor repel. I am the stillness within that is in need of nothing. I open with trust to the grandest expression that I am. I make love with the sacred flow of existence. I journey along my life path with curiosity and sacred playfulness.

I honour everything I feel. I do not try to change anything my heart desires to share with me. I commune with every emotion, yet I do not lose myself in the communion. Instead I discover facets that only reveal themselves when I trust to surrender unconditionally.

I take responsibility for everything I witness. I understand that I am never cursed by what passes, only honoured and blessed with gifts of expanding awareness and ever deepening love.

I acknowledge that with ultimate freedom comes ultimate responsibility. I grow into this responsibility with every in-breath, I expand into sacred freedom with every out-breath. I meditate on balancing the scales of my being with these two weightless, formless qualities.

I am prepared to change my mind about anything and everything. In this I am open and attach no importance to being right or wrong. I understand that right and wrong are relative and as I ripen in wisdom and strengthen my ability to imagine creatively, so too the perimeters of reality expand with me.

I am love. I forget this sometimes, but I love myself regardless. I forget that others are love too and I love them with even greater tenderness.

Calling All Lightworkers

Even as a young child I was drawn to the hidden mysteries of existence. My dreams and intuitions, my ideas, my passions – this is where I lived. I didn’t belong in school with other children my own age. I felt out of place. I tried so hard to pretend to be like other children, but I didn’t ring true and the other kids picked up on it in a flash.

And you know, it’s okay to be the reflective kid. The one who spends more time looking out of the window watching the trees bend and sway. It’s okay to lie on the games field projecting your energy up into the clouds scudding across a summer sky while all the other children played rounders or cricket. While my contemporaries tried to be the most popular person in their class, I dreamt of learning the silent language of trees or how to communicate with animals and birds.

I never accepted authority. Not from my teachers and only grudgingly from my parents. I knew school was a complete waste of time for me. Once I could read, write and add up, I switched off with quiet determination. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the brain power to excel, I was just turned off by jumping through hoops to prove that I was smart. And what’s smart anyway?

I sensed very early on that school turned out automatons, and I really didn’t want to be one of those. I had so much passion and fire in my belly. But it had nowhere to go, no focus, so the inevitable happened – I turned it all in on myself and almost self destructed. But that was then and this is now, and here I am.

If I had been born in another time and another place, I would have been encouraged. I would have been nurtured to be who I always knew I was. But, that’s the thing with lightworkers, we agreed to come here. We WANTED to come here to help humanity ascend. And all the suffering we’ve endured has helped us to understand the human condition. It’s taught us to develop compassion as a strength and because many of us have been judged harshly, it’s taught us the path of non-judgement. But mostly, it’s taught us to follow the love in our hearts and trust it.

Because being different carries such high penalties in this frightened-of-its-own-shadow world of conformity, we’ve learnt to blend in and keep quiet. But we are needed NOW. The world is broken and fragmented and yearns to be healed. It seeks to unify and it seeks to awaken and remember. In truth, the world is full of lightworkers. We are all workers and carriers of light, but most of us suffer from amnesia. We’ve forgotten who we are and we’ve forgotten that we have a mission to complete.

The people who call themselves lightworkers differ from everyone else in one vital aspect, they haven’t forgotten, they remember only too well what we all collectively want to achieve. And now here’s the rub, we’ve got to stop blending in, we’ve got to find our voice and drop our lifelong habit of maintaining the status quo. We are here to shake things up and UPSET the status quo, because it’s just not working.

Since the start of this year, I sense that we are being activated to raise our game, to get out there in whatever way resonates with us, and live with the upmost authenticity and absolute transparency. We are being called to step out of the shadows and light the way for our brothers and sisters. We are the ones we have been waiting for. And like sleeper cells, we are now receiving the codes to re-member more fully. The codes of light are being downloaded with greater frequency and require translation so that others who are currently still sleeping will be activated too.

We are also here to normalise and make familiar that which appears to be extraordinary to the majority of people. We are here to extend the definitions of what it is to be a human being. We will need to be strong and deeply rooted in truth, because people will resist us. But, it will be easier if we understand that they are resisting aspects of themselves that they mistakenly believe they are unworthy to own.

Like the wise women, healers and herbalists of the past, many of us will be ridiculed, shunned and even pitied by our friends, families and neighbours.
But it really doesn’t matter. We are creating an environment that is safe and supportive for the newly awakened. Massive shifts are underway that carry within them the power to derail the current rigid framework that people use to navigate reality. All must align, either through joy, ease, trust and surrender or through struggle, resistance, fear and confusion. It all depends on each person’s vibratory signature.

This world operates through deception, lies and the manipulation of truth on a jaw dropping scale. What we are seeing now is the beginning of the end. A new world beckons, a better world where truth, love, unity, peace and abundance will reign. It is on its way. We are bringing it in together. It is a joint venture and everyone, whether consciously or unconsciously for now, has come here to experience the fulfilment of it.

Death’s Gift

death's gift




I will die.

Somewhere in the field of time

On a map where X already marks the spot,

I am drawing my last breath.

I am closing my eyes

For the very last time.

So much is uncertain,

Undecided yet, but this is not.


Whose hand will I grasp

As death leads me away?

Not alone, not cold, not in pain,

Please not that. Let it be as I have lived

– a woman rooted in the heart of life.

None of this I know.

But I do know that I will meet death.

It is certain. The wheel will turn.

Will I remember this Now moment

When my heart beats its last?


It is bittersweet to contemplate

One’s own demise.

It elicits a tenderness,

A soft almost maternal love

For this name, this identity

That intuitively pens a poem

On death. But it is also

A poem about life’s vibrant rush,

Life’s inexhaustible urge to create anew.


I can only die because I have lived,

And I must die to live again and again.

Now, in this very moment,

I live and die and live again

As my lungs and heart dictates:

You are not done yet, live longer

Live deeper, live truer.

And when what’s done is truly done,

Over and out for this incarnation,

Less than a heartbeat passes

Before I breathe new life

Into the skin, bones and blood

Of a new beginning.


Remember me if you can, new life living itself.

Remember me and remind yourself

That death is more friend than foe.

My death allows you to live and love.

So although I may mourn at life’s end,

It is given, this one glorious life, to you.

It is my gift to creation,

This idea of personhood expressing itself

Dipping and drinking deeply

From the sea of infinite possibility.


Unconditionally, I pass the mantle on to you.

Even while I still breathe,

I acknowledge that you will be and I,

What will I be? A memory? A cellular imprint?

Or alluded to in visions that hint of a former self?

I sense you already, as a seed within my

Dreams, a shadow at the edge of sleep.

Can you feel me giving way to you?

Accommodating you because I

Understand the difference between

Karma and destiny?


Celebrate all that lies before you.

And remember, if you fear death,

You will fear life too, because in every

Life well lived, we must learn to die.

Learn to love death, to walk with it,

Because it surely walks with you.

Allow death to greet you,

Permit it to teach you how to rise

Anew in every fresh and pristine moment.


© Sue Claughton, 2016

The Power Of Conscious Storytelling

Everyone has a unique voice that yearns to communicate their truth in a way that nobody else can. When we are born, although we can’t communicate with words, we are birthed into the world with a message that we need to share with the world. And just as we yearn to share, the world also yearns to hear what we have to say.

Your voice is the way you imprint on the world, the way you embroider your pattern and colours on the tapestry of lifeWithout you the world is incomplete. Your voice allows you to communicate the meaning and purpose your draw from living, loving and exploring what it is to be a human being, as YOU. No one else can do what you came here to do. So in a very fundamental way, the world needs every single one of us to step forward and tell our stories.

The manner in which we use our voice is different for everyone. Stories come in many forms. Your life’s work could be the channel you use to tell your story, or how you raise your children. You may be moved to paint your story or build it or speak it or dance it. All channels of expression can be used to bring forth your story. Telling your story is about far more than exercising your vocal chords.

The world today is unbalanced because the writing of the world’s story has become the preserve of the few. In order to heal the world and bring it back into balance, we all need to get comfortable with adding our stories to the narrative that, in its current state, is making us all sick.

It takes great courage to step into the role of an authentic storyteller. But, like most things in life, we discover that once we get started our stories start to tell themselves. In a way, our stories carry a momentum that moves to a rhythm that crosses dimensions. The force that powers our stories WANTS them to be told, NEEDS them to be told through us in order to fulfil its creative purpose. As we learn to trust ourselves and open to the creative impulse within us, we access a rich seam of knowing from many parallel lives that we simultaneously inhabit.

As more of us discover our stories and remember how to tell them, the great cosmic library that we are comes into dynamic purpose. Rather than browsing the shelves filled with the same book, we get to learn, create and develop from an infinite collection of works. Because that is what we all are – information sources, encoded beings of light. No one volume hold the definitive truth, because truth evolves as we evolve. That is how powerful we are. We are world shapers, co-creators, cosmic storytellers. We are writing our stories, we cannot do otherwise. The challenge for us all us to become consciously aware of the PROCESS. It is through the realisation of the process that we own who we are; we have been told that our role is exclusively that of reader, but it is not, we are BOTH reader AND author. The knowing of that changes everything.

Fear Reacts, Love Responds

One of the biggest hurdles I’ve had to overcome in raising my vibration is how I react to the suffering of others. Every time a terrible event occurred, I felt it ALL personally. I raged, I resisted and I lamented. Nothing changed. Well, actually something did change – I lowered my vibration.

The reason I kept falling into this trap was due to a trick I kept playing on myself. It was a classic deception orchestrated by the ego. And I look back now on how I raged and sobbed over events such as the Paris massacre and I see that it accomplished nothing positive.

My ego told me that my anger, my anguish and my tears were transformative. That by sheer will and outrage my jagged anger could somehow influence events in the outer world of form, simply because I wanted it with such passion. And then, it dawned on me, that rather than alleviating suffering, I was CONTRIBUTING to it. Because we live in an energetic Universe as energetic beings, I was fuelling up on global tragedies and churning out more darkness, more anger, more despair and crucially more fear.

Those that plan these events know exactly what they are doing. They are creating the environment for fear, anger and separation to flourish. Every war and massacre harms far more people than those that perish as a direct result. Millions of people are allowing their energy to be hijacked by the dark side. And when people, normal everyday people, are consumed by fear, there is no depths to which they will not sink, no depravity they will not commit. When fear takes hold of us, we lose sight of our humanity.

So, one day I decided to stop giving the darkness a leg up. It was difficult at first, because it made me feel cold and selfish. I felt as though I was abandoning those that were suffering. But you know what? It was all residual programming; my tears didn’t help anyone. They didn’t help Syrian refugees, the homeless or the starving. When we lament at the suffering of others, it only serves to reassure US that we are kind, compassionate people. I think that is the ultimate egocentric position to take.

That doesn’t mean we don’t DO anything to help others. We can be supportive to those people we actually KNOW rather than people far away who we can’t possibly reach. We can send healing, love and light to our brothers and sisters in other countries and we can donate. We can pray and/or set intentions for an end to wars, hunger and disease. But then we let it go. We turn our attention back to the light that we are and be that in our relationships, homes and towns. We embody loving kindness with no drama.

If enough of us take responsibility for holding a frequency of love, light and peace in our immediate vicinity we can create a network of protection around the whole world. We can hook up and feed the network of energy that’s in alignment with the Light. Once we effectively cut off the food source that sustains and feeds the darkness, we disempower it.

So, from now on, you won’t see me participating in online rants or global cry-ins. Instead, I’ll be quietly radiating love, light, peace and unity. I’ll be loving myself by taking care of the energy I align myself with and I’ll be loving others by ensuring that I radiate the love that I am into the interconnected web we all rely on.

The New Earth is already here. We can all join it as active participants right this instant. But we have to choose it. A world of loving kindness and cooperation is a living reality. The door is wide open for us all to step through. There is another world too – a darker world of fear and separation, a world of dog eat dog. They both exist simultaneously. We have free will. We can choose either. We stand on a precipice. Will we choose abundance or lack? Love or fear? Separation or unity? Ease or struggle? It’s up to us to actively and consciously choose in every moment. Before we step across the threshold, we need to ask ‘Am I reacting or am I responding?’ Fear reacts, love responds.


The Softness Of An Open Heart


Forgive yourself totally. Whatever you have done to yourself or another, you have suffered enough. You are here to Love not blame and shame. Blame, shame, guilt and regret harm. Love, on the other hand, sets you free and heals all darkness. But in order to love truly, deeply and powerfully, first you must forgive. In gentleness and full acceptance, forgive first yourself and then every other that has caused you pain.


Forgiveness is birthed as a decision, takes root through intent and blossoms through the softness of an open heart. It happens over time but also in an instant. In the Sacred Now and the Heart’s wisdom, everything flows out of the timeless centre. And what is the centre? Love, always Love. All paths start and end in Love – the still, silent point, the void of nothingness.