Fear Reacts, Love Responds

One of the biggest hurdles I’ve had to overcome in raising my vibration is how I react to the suffering of others. Every time a terrible event occurred, I felt it ALL personally. I raged, I resisted and I lamented. Nothing changed. Well, actually something did change – I lowered my vibration.

The reason I kept falling into this trap was due to a trick I kept playing on myself. It was a classic deception orchestrated by the ego. And I look back now on how I raged and sobbed over events such as the Paris massacre and I see that it accomplished nothing positive.

My ego told me that my anger, my anguish and my tears were transformative. That by sheer will and outrage my jagged anger could somehow influence events in the outer world of form, simply because I wanted it with such passion. And then, it dawned on me, that rather than alleviating suffering, I was CONTRIBUTING to it. Because we live in an energetic Universe as energetic beings, I was fuelling up on global tragedies and churning out more darkness, more anger, more despair and crucially more fear.

Those that plan these events know exactly what they are doing. They are creating the environment for fear, anger and separation to flourish. Every war and massacre harms far more people than those that perish as a direct result. Millions of people are allowing their energy to be hijacked by the dark side. And when people, normal everyday people, are consumed by fear, there is no depths to which they will not sink, no depravity they will not commit. When fear takes hold of us, we lose sight of our humanity.

So, one day I decided to stop giving the darkness a leg up. It was difficult at first, because it made me feel cold and selfish. I felt as though I was abandoning those that were suffering. But you know what? It was all residual programming; my tears didn’t help anyone. They didn’t help Syrian refugees, the homeless or the starving. When we lament at the suffering of others, it only serves to reassure US that we are kind, compassionate people. I think that is the ultimate egocentric position to take.

That doesn’t mean we don’t DO anything to help others. We can be supportive to those people we actually KNOW rather than people far away who we can’t possibly reach. We can send healing, love and light to our brothers and sisters in other countries and we can donate. We can pray and/or set intentions for an end to wars, hunger and disease. But then we let it go. We turn our attention back to the light that we are and be that in our relationships, homes and towns. We embody loving kindness with no drama.

If enough of us take responsibility for holding a frequency of love, light and peace in our immediate vicinity we can create a network of protection around the whole world. We can hook up and feed the network of energy that’s in alignment with the Light. Once we effectively cut off the food source that sustains and feeds the darkness, we disempower it.

So, from now on, you won’t see me participating in online rants or global cry-ins. Instead, I’ll be quietly radiating love, light, peace and unity. I’ll be loving myself by taking care of the energy I align myself with and I’ll be loving others by ensuring that I radiate the love that I am into the interconnected web we all rely on.

The New Earth is already here. We can all join it as active participants right this instant. But we have to choose it. A world of loving kindness and cooperation is a living reality. The door is wide open for us all to step through. There is another world too – a darker world of fear and separation, a world of dog eat dog. They both exist simultaneously. We have free will. We can choose either. We stand on a precipice. Will we choose abundance or lack? Love or fear? Separation or unity? Ease or struggle? It’s up to us to actively and consciously choose in every moment. Before we step across the threshold, we need to ask ‘Am I reacting or am I responding?’ Fear reacts, love responds.

5 thoughts on “Fear Reacts, Love Responds”

  1. You are so spot on with this Sue, I found this to be true with me as well, and it is indeed a non productive state of uselessness. My own experiences have led me to react in a wildly emotional way as well with anger, sympathy, tears, fears, you name it, it was there. When I discovered though, that those feelings were non productive, I started to “switch gears” which is my adopted term for changing the thought course and doing something more productive other than spinning my wheels only adding to the negative momentum. I found that by eliminating those things that I could not contribute to, not reading the headlines of the scores of horrendous acts by man, or even participating in the anger, I could spend that energy on those things that I CAN make a difference with. Even if it is in a minute tiny way, by spreading positive awareness, by passing around or sharing information, by sharing a petition or actually getting out and doing something physical about it, even the tiniest of gestures in a positive loving way, are a huge impact on the situation!

    We live in such an amazing time Sue, and as we discover, and learn about not just the world, but ourselves, I am so grateful to have someone like you inspiring the way, leading the way, and bringing the thoughts and information forward so that others may benefit, and learn. I know with my heart of hearts, that this positive and loving influence, is exactly what will change the world!

    1. It’s taken me a long time to finally get this, Vee. I sort of knew it in a theoretical way, but it’s only quite recently that the penny finally dropped and I could see what I’d been participating in. And that’s when I FELT it, so now it’s a part of me, this new knowing, and all I really want to do is share my insights in the hope that it will support others to feel into the truth of it for themselves. We really DO live in amazing times that present each of us with the opportunity to rapidly evolve. That’s why the Internet is such an incredible tool. It does away with the need to consult traditional sources of knowledge, much of which is nothing more than thinly veiled programming, and allows us to network heart to heart and soul to soul with each other. It can’t be any other way really. Authority figures and organisations have become so corrupt. And we have to take our power back and trust in ourselves. It’s the only way. Thank you so much Vee <3

      1. The internet as it turns out, is the window to my world, a world in which I cannot manifest just anywhere I would like to physically, but mentally, I am constantly on that journey. It is an amazing took that we have to connect to other souls. What a wonderful tool it is, for whatever reason others may use it for, I am forever grateful to have it, those far reaching souls that call across the miles finally have a way to reconnect. So awesome! You so inspire Sue, always have, I’m so grateful to have the connection, with you, and others. <3

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