The Power Of Conscious Storytelling

Everyone has a unique voice that yearns to communicate their truth in a way that nobody else can. When we are born, although we can’t communicate with words, we are birthed into the world with a message that we need to share with the world. And just as we yearn to share, the world also yearns to hear what we have to say.

Your voice is the way you imprint on the world, the way you embroider your pattern and colours on the tapestry of lifeWithout you the world is incomplete. Your voice allows you to communicate the meaning and purpose your draw from living, loving and exploring what it is to be a human being, as YOU. No one else can do what you came here to do. So in a very fundamental way, the world needs every single one of us to step forward and tell our stories.

The manner in which we use our voice is different for everyone. Stories come in many forms. Your life’s work could be the channel you use to tell your story, or how you raise your children. You may be moved to paint your story or build it or speak it or dance it. All channels of expression can be used to bring forth your story. Telling your story is about far more than exercising your vocal chords.

The world today is unbalanced because the writing of the world’s story has become the preserve of the few. In order to heal the world and bring it back into balance, we all need to get comfortable with adding our stories to the narrative that, in its current state, is making us all sick.

It takes great courage to step into the role of an authentic storyteller. But, like most things in life, we discover that once we get started our stories start to tell themselves. In a way, our stories carry a momentum that moves to a rhythm that crosses dimensions. The force that powers our stories WANTS them to be told, NEEDS them to be told through us in order to fulfil its creative purpose. As we learn to trust ourselves and open to the creative impulse within us, we access a rich seam of knowing from many parallel lives that we simultaneously inhabit.

As more of us discover our stories and remember how to tell them, the great cosmic library that we are comes into dynamic purpose. Rather than browsing the shelves filled with the same book, we get to learn, create and develop from an infinite collection of works. Because that is what we all are – information sources, encoded beings of light. No one volume hold the definitive truth, because truth evolves as we evolve. That is how powerful we are. We are world shapers, co-creators, cosmic storytellers. We are writing our stories, we cannot do otherwise. The challenge for us all us to become consciously aware of the PROCESS. It is through the realisation of the process that we own who we are; we have been told that our role is exclusively that of reader, but it is not, we are BOTH reader AND author. The knowing of that changes everything.

2 thoughts on “The Power Of Conscious Storytelling”

  1. I’ve always longed to sit at a campfire and share stories with like minded friends or loved ones. Never really had that opportunity, perhaps this, is the campfire. 🙂

    1. You know as I was writing this, I kept getting a vision of myself and others sitting round a campfire together. It was beautiful, truly. I think you’re right Vee, this is our campfire 🙂

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