Death’s Gift

death's gift




I will die.

Somewhere in the field of time

On a map where X already marks the spot,

I am drawing my last breath.

I am closing my eyes

For the very last time.

So much is uncertain,

Undecided yet, but this is not.


Whose hand will I grasp

As death leads me away?

Not alone, not cold, not in pain,

Please not that. Let it be as I have lived

– a woman rooted in the heart of life.

None of this I know.

But I do know that I will meet death.

It is certain. The wheel will turn.

Will I remember this Now moment

When my heart beats its last?


It is bittersweet to contemplate

One’s own demise.

It elicits a tenderness,

A soft almost maternal love

For this name, this identity

That intuitively pens a poem

On death. But it is also

A poem about life’s vibrant rush,

Life’s inexhaustible urge to create anew.


I can only die because I have lived,

And I must die to live again and again.

Now, in this very moment,

I live and die and live again

As my lungs and heart dictates:

You are not done yet, live longer

Live deeper, live truer.

And when what’s done is truly done,

Over and out for this incarnation,

Less than a heartbeat passes

Before I breathe new life

Into the skin, bones and blood

Of a new beginning.


Remember me if you can, new life living itself.

Remember me and remind yourself

That death is more friend than foe.

My death allows you to live and love.

So although I may mourn at life’s end,

It is given, this one glorious life, to you.

It is my gift to creation,

This idea of personhood expressing itself

Dipping and drinking deeply

From the sea of infinite possibility.


Unconditionally, I pass the mantle on to you.

Even while I still breathe,

I acknowledge that you will be and I,

What will I be? A memory? A cellular imprint?

Or alluded to in visions that hint of a former self?

I sense you already, as a seed within my

Dreams, a shadow at the edge of sleep.

Can you feel me giving way to you?

Accommodating you because I

Understand the difference between

Karma and destiny?


Celebrate all that lies before you.

And remember, if you fear death,

You will fear life too, because in every

Life well lived, we must learn to die.

Learn to love death, to walk with it,

Because it surely walks with you.

Allow death to greet you,

Permit it to teach you how to rise

Anew in every fresh and pristine moment.


© Sue Claughton, 2016

2 thoughts on “Death’s Gift”

  1. Really deep stuff Sue, reminds me of one I wrote in 98′ in pretty much the lowest point of my life, although mine was much darker at the time. I found that it was worth keeping, because It is actually one of the ways I found that I can write best, when emotions are at an all time low, or high. I get the feeling you have done that here as well.

  2. My energy felt kind of felt off in the morning before I wrote this, but by the time I started writing my energy changed. Just recently, I’ve been getting glimpses of other lives I’ve lived/am living. It carries a strange mixed of emotion – a longing for something I can’t quite reach and at the same time a deep familiarity. It’s hard to pin down. I feel like I’m in a bubble and I’m being nudged from different dimensions, like they’re started to overlap and fuse.

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