Calling All Lightworkers

Even as a young child I was drawn to the hidden mysteries of existence. My dreams and intuitions, my ideas, my passions – this is where I lived. I didn’t belong in school with other children my own age. I felt out of place. I tried so hard to pretend to be like other children, but I didn’t ring true and the other kids picked up on it in a flash.

And you know, it’s okay to be the reflective kid. The one who spends more time looking out of the window watching the trees bend and sway. It’s okay to lie on the games field projecting your energy up into the clouds scudding across a summer sky while all the other children played rounders or cricket. While my contemporaries tried to be the most popular person in their class, I dreamt of learning the silent language of trees or how to communicate with animals and birds.

I never accepted authority. Not from my teachers and only grudgingly from my parents. I knew school was a complete waste of time for me. Once I could read, write and add up, I switched off with quiet determination. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the brain power to excel, I was just turned off by jumping through hoops to prove that I was smart. And what’s smart anyway?

I sensed very early on that school turned out automatons, and I really didn’t want to be one of those. I had so much passion and fire in my belly. But it had nowhere to go, no focus, so the inevitable happened – I turned it all in on myself and almost self destructed. But that was then and this is now, and here I am.

If I had been born in another time and another place, I would have been encouraged. I would have been nurtured to be who I always knew I was. But, that’s the thing with lightworkers, we agreed to come here. We WANTED to come here to help humanity ascend. And all the suffering we’ve endured has helped us to understand the human condition. It’s taught us to develop compassion as a strength and because many of us have been judged harshly, it’s taught us the path of non-judgement. But mostly, it’s taught us to follow the love in our hearts and trust it.

Because being different carries such high penalties in this frightened-of-its-own-shadow world of conformity, we’ve learnt to blend in and keep quiet. But we are needed NOW. The world is broken and fragmented and yearns to be healed. It seeks to unify and it seeks to awaken and remember. In truth, the world is full of lightworkers. We are all workers and carriers of light, but most of us suffer from amnesia. We’ve forgotten who we are and we’ve forgotten that we have a mission to complete.

The people who call themselves lightworkers differ from everyone else in one vital aspect, they haven’t forgotten, they remember only too well what we all collectively want to achieve. And now here’s the rub, we’ve got to stop blending in, we’ve got to find our voice and drop our lifelong habit of maintaining the status quo. We are here to shake things up and UPSET the status quo, because it’s just not working.

Since the start of this year, I sense that we are being activated to raise our game, to get out there in whatever way resonates with us, and live with the upmost authenticity and absolute transparency. We are being called to step out of the shadows and light the way for our brothers and sisters. We are the ones we have been waiting for. And like sleeper cells, we are now receiving the codes to re-member more fully. The codes of light are being downloaded with greater frequency and require translation so that others who are currently still sleeping will be activated too.

We are also here to normalise and make familiar that which appears to be extraordinary to the majority of people. We are here to extend the definitions of what it is to be a human being. We will need to be strong and deeply rooted in truth, because people will resist us. But, it will be easier if we understand that they are resisting aspects of themselves that they mistakenly believe they are unworthy to own.

Like the wise women, healers and herbalists of the past, many of us will be ridiculed, shunned and even pitied by our friends, families and neighbours.
But it really doesn’t matter. We are creating an environment that is safe and supportive for the newly awakened. Massive shifts are underway that carry within them the power to derail the current rigid framework that people use to navigate reality. All must align, either through joy, ease, trust and surrender or through struggle, resistance, fear and confusion. It all depends on each person’s vibratory signature.

This world operates through deception, lies and the manipulation of truth on a jaw dropping scale. What we are seeing now is the beginning of the end. A new world beckons, a better world where truth, love, unity, peace and abundance will reign. It is on its way. We are bringing it in together. It is a joint venture and everyone, whether consciously or unconsciously for now, has come here to experience the fulfilment of it.

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