ebb and flow


We are not so very different from every other aspect of nature. Like the seasons, like the plants and flowers, and perhaps most like the ocean, we ebb and flow. First there is an outward impulse of growth, maturation and flowering, a pause, and then an inward tendency towards rest, dormancy and contraction.

We are cyclical in nature. In our natural state, without external manipulation, we are beings of balance. We seek, we explore, we realise and then we rest and reflect. Our very breath mirrors the sacred rhythms that allows life to be and then not be, only to become once again.

To be all we can be, it’s vital to honour the sacred rythym of life. It’s impossible to focus exclusively on the flow – the reaching out and extending into the world, without balancing the output of creative energy with a gathering in time of rest and reflection.

Human beings don’t cope well as full time human doings. It doesn’t sound right, it doesn’t look right and it doesn’t FEEL right. Everyone has heard of high achieving professionals burning out. And that’s exactly what has happened to the human species en masse. We’ve overextended ourselves in such a fundamental way that the whole world has become sick and fatigued.

The malaise runs so deep, we don’t even know how to be still, how to rest and how to reflect. For the few hours at the end of each day and the weekend, we have no idea how to simply be. So perplexing, so overwhelming is the whole idea of being without purpose, we DEMAND entertainment. We crave diversion and we beg for medication to ease our soul’s longing.

We fritter away those golden hours watching TV, obsessing at the alter of celebrity, worrying away at elite generated concerns – how thin am I? how beautiful? how rich? how happy? We don’t even know what happy looks like because we’ve traded joy and bliss for cheap thrills and banal ego boosting twaddle. Harsh criticism? No, that really is how so many of us survive.

Is it our fault? Well kind of, but not entirely. We’ve been programmed with such rigour that it’s hard to resist. We’ve been well and truly worked on. For centuries we’ve submitted because we couldn’t see another way. And also it was a numbers game. Because we were brainwashed so thoroughly, it took a very special kind of person to see through the illusion and break free. Very few did.

But now, well since the 1960’s really, a mass awakening has been activated. I’m not 100% sure what has stimulated this activation process but I intuit that it’s our future selves reaching out to us across time. ‘We are the ones we’ve been waiting for’ is far more than a self empowering mantra to be taken at face value. I believe our future selves are in fact coming to our aid. They are speaking to us in dreams and visions, in number codes such as 11:11, through synchronicity and through sudden insights and inspirations.

Our future selves reach out to us all the time, but we only become aware of their gifts in our quiet times, in the ebb of our lives, not the flow. We are receptive when our thoughts settle, when we are walking in nature, gazing at the night sky, watching the flickering flame of a candle or lying quietly in a bath. You get the picture; we receive when we are being, not doing. Our vibration has to be calm, soft and at ease so that these gifts from our future selves can find the openings in between our thoughts, to slip in gifts from the ‘future’. You could just as well insert higher self as future self, but that’s a whole new article.


  1. I am always amazed at how your words seem to be taken from my thoughts, how well it all resonates and how purely you put into words what I can sometimes only imagine. I try to convey these same feelings, messages, or even inner knowledge, however humble it may be, to others, so that they too can realize, that life is so full of distractions but when things get quiet, pieces of our life puzzle seem to just gently fall into place like a feather floating about and at last taking rest.

    You are amazing Sue!

    1. Thank you so much for your comments, Vee. I appreciate your support, kindness and encouragement far more than you can imagine. They’re not really my words, I just show up and they write themselves. And it’s in those quiet, alone times that I hear them. I would be starved without my solitude. It’s a bit of a paradox really, but if I don’t get alone time, then I start to feel the pangs of loneliness. <3

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