I Am Love

I am a healer of worlds,

I am the ties that bind

Heart to high heart,

High heart to soul.

I am the sacred negotiator,

Who balances with harmony,

Who has no fear of hate.


I am the spell weaver

Of emotions, a heart surgeon

With a scalpel that never inflicts pain.

I show you a different way

To be whole, new yet weathered,

Tempered by my all

Encompassing embrace.


I bring light to the darkness

Of a cupped heart, held together

With dreams, hopes and years

Of tears. I melt barriers;

There is no disgrace

In feeling deeply into

Your scared and lonely place.


I take you there, I wait.

Time heals, wisdom is

Another word

For learning to recognise fate…


I am love because

There is no other way.

I fight the good fight

To liberate, to heal,

To allow you to dictate

How love will take shape

For you, for the life you create.


© Sue Claughton, 2016

3 thoughts on “I Am Love”

  1. Thanks so much Vee. It’s wonderful to be writing poetry again. I’ve written more in the last three weeks than I did in the last three years. I guess whatever was blocked within me is now clear. And now, thanks to my blog, I can share them with everyone. That’s why I write – to share. Thank you for reading <3

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