Have You Discovered Your Calling?


It’s so important to do what we came here to do. I’m not talking about your job, although sometimes the two coincide. What I’m talking about is far more important than what you do to earn a living, which for many of us is just what we need to do to put food on the table and a roof over our heads.

What we came here to do is find our vocation, our calling. It’s a call to fulfil ourselves by expressing our essence. It’s always a call to be love, and the being of it – love, can take many shapes. When we find it and follow our calling, we come ALIVE, we shift a gear and begin to inhabit a very different world from the shuffling, obedient and conforming existence of wealth generation for the ruling elite.

When we follow our calling, we align with the creative power of life. This life enhancing flow of power can help us enormously. We begin to notice gifts hidden under the surface of everyday life. Subtle nods of approval from the Universe come to us through synchronicity, symbolism through music, nature or what we read. These powerful synchonicities, which always show up bang on time, help us move forward deeper into our calling. These messages are hard to convey to others with any plausibility because they are intended specifically for us, but we know and that’s enough.

Your calling, when heeded, will expand you, it will satisfy something deep within your being that needs to express. Your calling is that very special thing that brings meaning and purpose to your life. Everyone’s purpose is to express love through self expansion and in order to accomplish that, we find our unique calling.

In order to dive into our calling, we need to understand that we wouldn’t have been given our calling without also being given the tools and means to actualise it. But those tools and means don’t make themselves know UNTIL we take a plunge of faith into the unknown with conviction. It’s only then that we directly experience how loved and supported we are. The Universe actively conspires to help us. It’s a joyous moment when a person comes alive to life through embodying what they came here to do. Creation itself celebrates, supports and bends over backwards to accommodate us.

So many of us live pointless lives because we’ve bought into a false idea of what success looks like. Here’s the thing – success doesn’t look like anything because it’s different for everyone. It certainly doesn’t look the way we’ve been led to believe – a nice car, house, wealth and public acclaim. These features CAN be present, but they are not of themselves REPRESENTATIVE of what a successful life actually is.

And that’s where so many of us get it wrong. We spend decades, a life time even, in a state of distraction. Because the world is deliberately set up to make material success difficult, laborious and time consuming, it leaves us with very little breathing space to discover our true calling, the purpose of life itself.

Many of us have spend a decade or two in the rat race before we realise it’s deeply unfulfilling. And then the search for meaning begins. I did it myself. I used to earn a lot of money. My going rate as a freelance copywriter was £50 an hour, but I gave it up because it was making me poor in spirit. And now, I write for free! No one tells me what to write or when, I write when I’m moved to write. And I’ve never been happier or more me.

So how do you find out what your calling actually is? In a world where our attention is pulled in so many different directions, the first thing we must do is focus. Quiet time in meditation and nature can help us tune into direction from our Higher Self. But perhaps the most helpful practice we can inintiate is to bring presence into our lives. When we learn to pay attention to our outer and inner environment, we begin to notice what makes us feel ALIVE. We observe our bodies and our emotions because deep down at a cellular level, your calling is waiting for you to discover it. What makes you feel strong, happy, empowered, passionate and excited? These emotions can lead you, if you’ll allow it, in the direction of your calling.

When you set out to uncover your calling, keep an open mind. Don’t block your calling from reaching out to you with preconceived ideas of what a calling should be. Some of the most beautiful callings are humble and simple in nature. Just because you find your calling doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a world changer. But it will change YOUR world and the lives of people in your enviroment for the better.

For everyone that lives their calling with an open heart and humility, light and love floods into the world. Positive energies radiate outwards from a heart aligned with love. So even if you perceive your calling to be ‘small’, it will impact the world just as powerfully as larger and grander callings. Energetically, you will have accomplished your mission here on earth.

4 thoughts on “Have You Discovered Your Calling?”

    1. I can relate to that Kat. It took me a while, but then when I realised what my calling was, it seemed so obvious. It had been right under my nose the whole time. Maybe I wasn’t ready to take up my calling before life had had its way with me and humbled me, but when I did I felt my very being relax into it. I had come home. <3

  1. My mission or purpose here on the earthly plain keeps evolving but the main essence is to be of ‘Service’. Which I think ultimatey is everyones?

    We all have or own unique way of providing it, art, writing, music, sharing knowledge, healing etc. I think the key is like you found, to follow your path without compromise or fear of any kind.

    Keep shining Sue <3 xxx

    1. That’s it exactly, Maria. It’s impossible to follow your calling without being of service. Because the purpose of our calling is to express the love that we are. It’s how we express love, in our own wonderfully unique way, that is different. <3

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