International Women’s Day


Photo by Yawar Nazir/ Getty Images

I watched Suffragette last night so I could really focus on what today is all about. At the end of the film, they listed all the countries that ‘gave’ the vote to women. I had no idea there were so any countries where women only got this most basic of freedoms until relatively recently. And there are STILL places where women are unable to vote today. Women have suffered thousands of years of oppression, abuse, persecution, rape, genital mutilation and murder. We must never forget that, ever. The reason we must never forget is so that we ensure that this never happens again – not only to women – but to any group of people, whether that be defined by religion, colour, sexual orientation or race.

I am sitting here in the UK, sharing my thoughts with women all over the world. It is my right to do so as an autonomous human being. I am FREE. Many of our sisters are not free. Today, I pay homage to the women who fought so heroically and tirelessly for my freedom and I bow my head in solidarity for my hidden sisters that still suffer under the yoke of oppression. Peace be with all men and women, united as One.

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