Cosmic Pauses: Letting It All Go

cosmic pauseI’m having one of those days when lots of little things are getting under my skin. I’m safe, I’m fed and I’ve got a roof over my head. So it’s time to let the small stuff go. It doesn’t matter. We don’t get to control everything, but if we think we do and reality doesn’t match up, we end up creating tension within ourselves.

My dog just re-minded me of that. He’s a bit of a Zen master. He doesn’t use words. But he doesn’t need to – his eyes do all the talking for him. I tuned into him just now. We locked eyes. His eyes are warm pools of gentleness and patience. They told me to ease up, take a few deep breaths and allow life to be how life wants to be. He’s gone to sleep now. His job is done. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a dog or a cat. Seriously, I’m not going mad. What I’m talking about – the wisdom that channelled through my dog – is available to everyone, all the time.

I call them, these moments of healing wisdom, Cosmic Pauses. They’re everywhere because this world of form is punctuated by gateways that can be used to access everything we need to lead a harmonious life. They appear in nature, in music, in art and they’re waiting for you to notice them.

When you stop, however briefly, and rest your attention on a thing of beauty, you bring yourself into alignment within the animating force behind it. You’re aligning with the source of beauty, stillness and silence that resides at the core of life – at the core of YOU. In the world of form, all these expressions of life appear separate, however in the realm beyond form, there is only the One.

When you stop and consciously reconnect, you’re affirming non verbally that you are hooked up and provided for in every way. You can sense your support system everywhere, and the illusion of separateness softens. If you are feeling tired, you begin to feel the life force boosting your energy levels. If you are sad, you feel tendrils of life’s joyous expression embrace you and lead you into your heart’s joy. If you are afraid, you sense the indomitable power of life and realise that same power runs through your veins. And if you’re feeling agitated, you feel the calm, patience of life seep into your mind, bringing you peace.

All these qualities are your qualities. You possess them all in abundance. Make a space for them in your life. Press pause and breathe deeply. Inhale them. Welcome them. Your body is a vessel. Fill it wisely.

5 thoughts on “Cosmic Pauses: Letting It All Go”

  1. After the passing of my mom in 97, It was my dogs that kept me going, without them, I would have joined her. My entire life has been soothed by canines. It was my gift in this cruel world, one I will always cherish, and treasure.

    1. A year ago, I wouldn’t have understood this, Vee. But since Jasper has been in my life, I can totally relate to how your dogs helped you cope with the loss of your mom. Thank you for sharing my dear friend. <3

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