Do you wish to harm or heal?

harm or healComing at the world from the stance of outrage and indignation is one of the biggest spiritual traps to fall into. I know because it had me for a few years. Outrage at environmental pollution, outrage at war, poverty, etc., etc. It doesn’t matter, it’s all the same even though the object of the outrage is different. Posting on here, day after day, on suffering, injustice and pain diametrically opposes what you as a spiritual person want to represent. I’m almost ducking down now as I imagine the ‘outrageous indignation’ my post on this will provoke.

I’m not including love orientated activism here, because that is something completely different. It’s PRO-love-peace-unity-kindness-compassion. What I’m highlighting is the ANTI-brigade, of which I was a member. And I can tell you from direct experience that all it does is generate MORE of that which it opposes – MORE anger, hate, separation, fear and lack. If you think of your physical body as a generator of energy, you get to choose what you will output into the world – negative or positive energy. It’s a massive responsibility to ensure that everything you put out enriches your environment (the world at large) and your inner sacred space. Both are equally important.

Being angry, outraged and indignant is contracting, being loving, peaceful and compassionate is expanding. So on a personal level first, you get to choose whether you wish to harm or heal yourself. And the same goes for how the energy you output affects the world – your family, friends, neighbours, the air we all breathe, the plants and animals and even the weather.

Being ‘against’ something doesn’t make it go away. In fact, the reverse is true. You actually feed what you are against the more you focus your attention on it. I can see how this trap came about. Because subconsciously we all instinctively know that we are creator beings, we mistakenly believe that by the force of our intention we can blast something we don’t want out of existence. But in an energetic universe, energy is energy. Positive and negative energy are both food sources, and not just for living beings but also for ideas, concepts, organisations, religions and countries.

Everything is sustained by energy, whether that be positive or negative energy. The best way to eradicate something is to cut off its food source. You cut the cord that attaches you to whatever it is and that thing, person or event disappears from your personal reality, and if enough people do the same, it disappears from the collective reality. Why? Because it is starved of power and everything needs power/energy in order to manifest in physicality.

Perhaps it would also serve us to explore WHY we are attracted to the sensation being outraged creates within us. Could it be the ego delights in being in the right? Maybe we prop up our sense of self-importance, our belief that we are above reproach by generating the energy of outrage against someone or something we believe to be ‘less than’ us in some fundamental way? Or maybe we find it difficult to bear witness to the pain and suffering of others and don’t know what to do about it?

If you can relate to these suggested reasons for your attachment to the state of outrage and indignation, go easy on yourself. What you need isn’t self judgement. All that’s needed is a shift in emphasis from anti towards pro, from fear to love and from separation to unity. Because that’s the bottom line really, we are all intimately┬álinked in this vast interconnected web of existence. At the core of Life, there is only the One – infinity creative, infinity curious and infinitely playful, experimenting with what works and what doesn’t.


6 thoughts on “Do you wish to harm or heal?”

  1. In having grown up with a lot of negative influences, I had a hard time with suppressing anger, in fact it was much up until I got divorced from the main source of my anger that it only then began to heal. But even now, I still see articles, headlines and in person things that make me outraged.

    Even though I have completely mellowed out in my “wisdom” years, I still have a hard time defusing some of it. I have always been a huge fan of the “Underdog” so when I see someone being abused in any way or even in the smallest way, I want to immediately step up.

    But then comes the big question, “do I?” There has been many times that I stepped up and intervened, and only a tiny handful of those many times, made a difference, so I had to learn how to pick and choose who I defended, and now, how I defend it.

    My mother was fantastic about keeping her cool, she was so intelligent and kind, the type of person everyone loved even when they first met her. So I am grateful for having her influence in my life too, because the first thing I do is try to sort out a situation, even if it is just an article, then I often ask myself, how would my mother react to this. Somewhat the same as also asking, “What would Jesus do?”

    Even when I get furious over ignorance of others, I walk away, even sleep on it if I have to, then respond. So it is an ongoing work in progress that I choose or am able to contribute to the world in a more objective and positive way. I also know that we can only share wisdom, we cannot force it on others.

    I think we are all a work in progress, and that is the beauty of our human experience, the learning process. It might seem frustrating at times, but when you look at it from different perspectives, it is an amazing puzzle is it not?

    I wish to heal, and I wish to contribute, but I am also wishful that I can do it in a positive way as I am also hopeful that I have finally learned something.

    A far cry from my frustrated youth where harm would have been the number one priority if anyone got in my way. <3

    1. Oh, how I relate to that too. Whenever I see someone being abused – particularly an animal, child or elderly person, I feel such a rage too, Vee. It is the one thing I cannot countenance. Being an empath makes it almost unbearable to watch the distress of others. I will step in and tackle the abuser, non-violently of course. I cannot cross the street and look the other way. But this type of ‘direct action’ is I feel an imperative in order to stop physical harm to the vulnerable. If I ever see this type of abuse when I am out and about, I feel that I am there on purpose and that my intervention is intended by the flow that we are all a part of.

      In the larger world though, I have withdrawn from opposing and tend to work mostly on raising my own vibration because it seems to me that this is the most powerful thing I can do. Wars, poverty and injustice are just so HUGE and controlled by powerful forces, I feel that we have to change the climate that allows them to operate. It’s more a case of changing the environment that allows these negative forces to flourish and creating a higher vibrational environment that is not sympathetic to their survival. <3

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