The Garden Of Lost Dreams

Have you ever wondered
Where every spiralling
Possibility goes?

Do they all take root
And grow,
In an out of the way
Corner of the Universe,
That is dark to your eyes,
But nonetheless exists?

Is the place
Your ideas and passions
Are relegated to,
Any less real
Than this place,
Now, where your
Attention rests?

If you become still,
Very still and silent,
Could it be possible
To feel the scattering
Of your hopes and dreams?

They are surely attached
To your heart,
The place of their birth.

And if this is so,
It is never too late
To dislodge them,
To reel them in,
To find a home for them,
Here, right where you are,

Because these possibilities
Are your seeds,
And within them lies new life,
A better life, a truer life.
A life born from fearless passion,
Before good sense and reason
Banished them as childish dreams.

If you cannot or will not
Call them home,
I will say farewell
With a boldness I imagine
And make true with every step.
I will go where you do not,
To tend the garden
Of lost dreams.

I will never retrace my steps
Back to you,
But the invitation always remains,
Silently and without judgement,
In the space where I once stood,
For you to join me,
Because once I’ve gone,
I cannot be reeled in.

I belong to no one,
My heart stays with me
In love with the living
Of truth, joy and peace.
But above all I follow
The call of love.

And that is why you can follow
But I can never return,
Because love never wavers
In its course, and once
A heart is plucked by the current
It can only go onward, never back.

© Sue Claughton, 2016

garden of lost dreams

One thought on “The Garden Of Lost Dreams”

  1. I totally resonate with this Sue. I have lost many friends over the years due to this process of mixed energies muddying our flow. However, nothing is ever lost yet there is much more to gain.
    Love you <3 xx

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