Are You A Conscious Shopper?

conscious shopperI go shopping, of course I do. I buy food, clothes and lots of other stuff. But, I shop consciously, I’m wide awake. What does that mean? And why does it matter?

To be a conscious shopper means that whenever and whatever you buy, you are aware of the implications of everything you buy. You consider carefully whether what you’re buying has caused pain and suffering to other people, non-human beings and Gaia. You’re constantly on the lookout for the Leaping Bunny, Fairtrade, Soil Association, Certified Organic logos and many more.

Another very important aspect of being a conscious shopper is one that many people are unaware of. To be conscious means that you are no longer subject to programming via the media and other people. You don’t buy to impress or build an identity. When you’re wide awake, you see all the subtle and not so subtle selling techniques that encourage you to buy. You realise that material possessions are just that – possessions. Cars, clothes, jewellery or houses cannot be absorbed into what makes you, YOU.

The products you buy are just things. Beautiful they may be, but they are unable to make you beautiful or ‘better than’ in any significant way. When you’re awake, you don’t buy when you have no money and you don’t buy as a form of therapy. You buy without attachment to an outcome other than the specific purpose the item was created to fulfil.

The biggest mind control trick the world has ever seen is being played out online and in every shopping mall and city street. It’s a technique that persuades people to buy even when they don’t have sufficient funds, it promises people happiness, admiration, contentment, beauty, health, popularity, sex and even the ability to defeat the ageing process. But every one of these promises hinges on a hard exchange of cash and every single one of them is a lie.

So why do people keep falling for it, over and over and over again? Why keep doing something that keeps you working longer and longer hours and empties your bank account every month? Hope. And fear. Hope that the next item of clothing, the next car, the next gadget will bring that longed for sense of completeness and happiness. And the fear that you are just not good enough as you are. Fear that you need embellishment, improvement or even a disguise to get people to love you.

Can you see what I’m describing? Do you recognise yourself? Maybe, you are like me? Perhaps you have woken up and are free of the mass programming that keeps people enslaved on this planet. If you are, be vigilant. The advertising agencies, marketeers and media folk are depth psychologists. They understand you, they know what makes you tick and they know what makes you afraid. And they use every trick in the book to reel you back in. How do I know? Because I was one of them. I used to make a living selling stuff no one needed or even wanted until the need was created in an advertising agency and fed into the collective unconscious.

Since my awakening, I’m doing what I can to redress the balance. Instead of writing persuasive copy to sell stuff nobody wants, I’m reaching out to nudge people awake. I’m spilling the beans on the hoaxes perpetrated by the sales and marketing folk. I hope I’m as successful at helping people see through the sales hype as I was at creating it.

4 thoughts on “Are You A Conscious Shopper?”

  1. If this were a world of equality and peace, I’d like to think there was a world also without the need of “money”. I can see living peacefully in a world where using your skills to share, barter and trade with others could bring a balance to any township or community, would be a perfect world right?

    Unfortunately our world still has a lot of growth to do. And I have had an inner battle for what is right and what is wrong, only to conclude that there IS no right or wrong morally or otherwise, there is only this way or that way, and a neutral point in the middle.

    I don’t mean to confuse, but feel it necessary to share what I have learned.

    Since we at this time, need to function in a monetary world, I began to notice that our country, the US, has slowly but surely over the years, sent all of our industry away to other countries, to places that can satisfy the demand and costs for a very greedy world.

    One that is full of dysfunction, and void of ecological consequences. And while many of us try to simply “get by” for whatever reason, either lack of funds, or the choice not to fill their lives with tangible goods, I find myself at the crossroads of what to do.

    I have to help feed my family, my fur kids, and myself, as well as be able to keep us as functional as possible for the circumstances in which we live, and at the same time, I AM one of those folks that creates tangible goods, jewelry and the likes. I am part of the marketing sales and industrial creeps that plague our world. At the same time, I began to see a problem not for myself, but for others that are also stuck in this industry driven world of greed and corruption, a need that others have, the ones that are slaving away for the means to survive.

    I create tangible goods for a living, as well as provide services for others as a business, a small one mind you, but it is doing what makes me happy, what makes me feel part of this world, in this day and age that we are stuck in.

    I buy goods from across the seas, to create the items I sell, and I look around in my abode to find items that are also made, from across the seas.

    At first, I stopped buying, then my conscience got the best of me, and I don’t know if it was a different kind of guilt, or a deeper understanding based on compassion. Those people, across the seas, also need to feed their families, and have medical needs, just like I do.

    So what does a person do? Do I try to support my own countrymen by only buying from them? Or do I simply do what I can to help even across the miles, and while I do know there is a lot of slave labor, what happens to the “machine” if we all stop buying? Does it come to a grinding halt? What happens to those families trying to survive on those tiny means?

    What a huge pickle that puts me in morally right?

    If I was doing what I truly loved, I would be a scientist, I would be a Veterinary surgeon, I would be, Jane Goodall.

    My life’s path however, did not lead me to be those things, so I have to make due with the circumstances, and do what I do best that does make me happy. I only hope, that no matter what I wind up doing, because I am a “work in progress” that at the same time, I can contribute to the world in some positive way.

    One thing is for sure… big corporation, greed and taking advantage of others in slave labor, have become a nightmare, they have literally killed all of the “mom and pop shops” in the US. and it pains me to know that these same corporations just keep getting bigger, buying out more and more companies, and becoming more powerful than ever before. We have all seen it happen time and time again with a growing pace that is beyond frightening.

    My sales by the way, are VERY humble, because I never advertise other than straight forward “from the horses mouth” descriptions in the means that I use. (social media) I am sickened by the brainwashing and awful takeovers of advertisements and commercialism in this world.

    I can only hope that some day it all changes for everyone, even the tinkers and crafters of the world. I’d like to see Mom and Pop shops make a strong comeback, and the big monopolies fall to their knees.

    1. Thank you SO much Vee, for sharing your thoughts, feelings and insights. It is indeed, a conundrum. It is almost impossible to be outside of the system, and I think you are right, all we can do is to live the best way we can. Our challenge is to live in this world but at the same time to try to ensure that we are not tainted by it. Doing whatever we do with love in our hearts and imbuing our work – whether it is a service or tangible product – with loving energy goes a long way to raising the vibration of our planet. Thank you Vee <3

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