Life Is A Simple Game

life is a simple gameI’ve just heard the lyric, ‘life is a simple game’ in a Billy Ocean song. And it got me thinking.  It IS a game, a game of consciousness.  It SHOULD be simple AND joyous, but for most of us, it’s not simple at all, and only a joy for brief isolated moments.  I guess that’s because we don’t realise it’s a game and we take it all far too seriously.  The ego doesn’t know it’s a game.  Unlike the higher self, it is operating from a very limited perspective. So when we let the ego run the show we end up getting bogged down in all the drama, which in turn generates more drama.

Because I know it’s a game or an illusion, I’ve lost the will to care too much about it all.  I don’t mean that I don’t care about the real stuff – people, animals and nature, I really care about the life force which resides within.  But I’ve lost all interest in drama, which for me includes politics, religion, mainstream entertainment and competitive sport.  All these things have one thing in common – they are all constructs of the ego, man made institutions and schools of thought.  They don’t arise organically.  And because they are ego generated, they vibrate to the frequency of fear and lack.

Everything that arises organically is an expression of the Creator. It has come directly from the Creator as an expression of Creator’s multifaceted nature which is infinite. Humanity CAN create in a worthwhile way but only when we allow the divine creative force to flow through us.  When we serve as channels, we create without interference from the ego. And we create using the frequency of love.  But in order to successfully create in this way, we first have to align ourselves with Creator.

The world we live in is overwhelmed with negative ego generated institutions. The church, big business, banking, pharmaceuticals and government which form the bedrock of society, are rotten to the core.  Formed by megalomaniacs to subdue and control, they rule our physical world with an iron grip.

At the moment, with the majority of humans still deeply unconscious, it is futile to get rid of the existing structures. Why? Because unconscious people will only create more of the same.  You’ve  only got to look at governments to realise that changing one government for another seldom brings about positive change for the people.  Despite the hopes and promises, we always end up getting more of the same.

So what’s the solution? To do nothing.  Absolutely nothing in terms of global revolution, absolutely everything in terms of personal revolution. To drive any sort of positive change, we must not get distracted by changing the physical forms of life outside of of our personal lives.

A global grassroots revolution would play right into the hands of the elite. Any revolution would only serve as a catalyst to bring in an even more repressive system of control.  The only way to bring about lasting and authentic change is through inner healing.  When this occurs, there will be no need for an external revolution.  There will be no need to rebel or take the stance of against.

When we turn towards the source within us and simply allow our true nature to manifest, we begin to heal, first ourselves and then others. And as we heal, we bring balance and harmony into the world.  That is all that is required.  It is breathtakingly simple.  Once the desire to ‘do something’ is recognised for what it is – an ego in turmoil and without access to the bigger picture  – we can begin the work to integrate the ego into the wholeness that we are.  The ego has a role to play, but it requires management.  To allow it to manage itself and, scarily, us, is akin to relinquishing control to a child.  Egos like children require love, boundaries and guidance.

The world that we inhabit today has been created out of fear, separation and a sense of lack. The world we all want to experience can only begin to form out of love, unity and abundance.  And we, as co-creators, can only bring it forth when we allow it.  It will never emerge from the battlefields of fear, but seed itself from the meadows of unification with All That Is.

I Crave Simple

i crave simple





I can’t bear the fuss and noise of life,
The complicated mess of it all.
I crave simple.
I desire peace and stillness
And naturalness.
All this striving and pushing and needing,
Is not for me.

Give me a shoreline at dusk,
A forest at dawn,
A still silent night with the stars overhead
And the warm, slow hum of Gaia beneath my feet.
That is all I need.

Give me food, shelter and myself,
I’m done with the rest of it.
I don’t need or understand any of it,
It snarls me up inside,
This toxic greed for more,
More, more, more than you need.
I’m done with it all.

Give me the freedom to spread out,
Gently, lovingly and with relief into the space
Of me, give me this and no more.
No, don’t give it to me!
I take it, no more, no less.

I undertake to take nothing
That is not mine,
I only want to pull all that is me,
Into my heart, into the core of me,
I’m sick of being other than me.
I’m tired of the 3D contamination
That taints me,
It is time, time to simply be me.

So go where you will,
You that is other than me and my kind.
Leave me in peace, alone,
Just as I am.
I’m sick of it all, physically and emotionally.
I have no desire for this world,
To change it or to find my place,
None at all,
I’m an alien here,
I must be me, free.

Insanity and sanity nudge into
Each other.
Your intuition is trying to show you,
What is real.
Can you feel into it, sense what is so?
Don’t discount the whispers,
They are your lifeline out of here,
They exist on the knife edge
Of joy and despair.

© Sue Claughton, 2016


timeIt is said that time is an illusion, that there is only the eternal Now moment. It’s either a truth or a lie, right? Well, maybe not. Maybe it is simultaneously true and untrue. Perhaps the answer isn’t meant to be known to us, as we live our physical lives.

Either way, life is precious. And for the sake of analysis, we can all agree that a human life from birth to death follows a linear pathway. Time, or a series of Now moments, pass inexorably and then the day arrives when the clock stops. And we cease to exist as physical beings in this particular here and now.

So it doesn’t really matter whether we believe in time or not, because time believes in us and inflicts itself upon our bodies until the hour arrives when our bodies can’t face the onslaught of time anymore and we stop. Just like that. And we leave the time ravaged physical shell to journey onwards.

Trying to outwit or out-imagine time is an act of arrogant futility. Instead of refusing to believe in the slow death of time, perhaps we could respect time as the system that operates in this dimension. Time’s existence can be seen everywhere. Look to nature. There is a time and a season for everything. Time manifests itself in cycles and like the moon, the tides and crops, we are subject to the rhythms and cycles of time too.

Instead of denying time, we could choose to honour time moment by moment in such a way that time reveals the deep fleeting sweetness of the physical experience. Time is not the enemy. Time brings the sacred miracle of life into keen relief.

Making the choice to disregard time is a luxury of the very young or the very foolish. Harnessing the power of time and riding it with tender appreciation, noticing how it transforms everything it touches, deepens our reverence for life. Because time not only transforms physical matter, it creates a context for us to travel deeper into the mysteries of existence.

Noticing how fleetingly life animates a flower or a butterfly and how time consumes that vital life force shouldn’t be a source of sorrow. Because what time is pointing to is a powerful truth that outlives time.

That which notices the effect of time is beyond time. The sentience that we are isn’t concerned about physical life and death, it is beyond life and death. In life it experiences itself. In death it knows itself. Mastery, as a physical being, is achieved by attaining the post-death knowing state whilst still in physicality.

When we become willing students of time, we enter into an agreement of the heart. We contract to open our hearts to the pain and joy that time invites us to experience. We don’t run from the traumas that time delivers or cling to the joys. We accept both. We love both equally because we understand that life must be balanced, and so too must we.

The school of thought that runs from the idea of time, is I believe, subconsciously running from the fear that haunts us all. And that fear is an echo from a dimension far beyond this one. It’s the fear that we are alone in the vastness of infinite space. In truth, there is only the One. Is it alone in any kind of way that we understand aloneness to be? I don’t know. But, aloneness isn’t loneliness. Maybe it’s the aloneness that prompts the One Life to manifest all the glories of creation…


sacred circleEvery day I’m learning. Observing everything. Living consciously. Thinking for myself. It’s a bit of a theme of mine these days, looking at how life is different without mainstream news and media. And I realise that without the negative influence of ‘the news’ I am learning from other sources, more authentic sources.

The best teacher, the wisest teacher is life and nature. And friends and family too. And my feelings, watching how things feel when the heart is fully engaged. And noticing the body – how it responds to external circumstances. To be alert and awake to every moment delivers so many opportunities to grow in understanding.

What all this does is ‘localise’ my world. And this localisation condenses my influence, making it far more potent. Because when you’re not scattering your attention far and wide and expending energy on things you cannot change, you realise that the reason why you are placed within your family, your workplace, your home, your town and your country is because that’s what your soul desires and requires in order to grow. This energy that you have conserved helps you to ‘see’ and ascertain emotionally and energetically what your purpose is in this lifetime. And instead of feeling powerless to change the world at large, you feel empowered to change your immediate world.

You take responsibility for where you are NOW, geographically, circumstantially and emotionally. You imagine yourself in a circle and you take responsibility for everything that occurs within your circle. And you also acknowledge and accept that everyone else has their own circle of responsibility too. Whether they choose to create circles of fear or love is up to them. And this is so important, you recognise that all experience is valid and valuable. If another’s circle touches up or intersects with yours, it becomes part of your circle of responsibility to engage, learn and grow from the inherent lessons this presents. But, you don’t get to decide on the the energetic content of another’s circle without their express permission. Then, and only then, may you collaborate.

Condensing your energy in this way and taking control of how you use your energy and noticing what causes your energy to leak out and weaken you brings great personal power. You begin to see how your energy is used as a food source by external forces. You notice the strategies and dramas that are staged with the explicit purpose of power draining your vital life force. And once you see and understand this, you learn how to manage yourself. This means you are able to build up power within. Power building is a way to make yourself spiritually and energetically robust. It leads to an expansion of your senses – how you gather information and your sensitivity to your environment.

Once you learn how to build and maintain power in this way, your sphere of influence is much stronger. You need not concern yourself with changing the world, the world will change only when we do, one person at a time.


newspapersWhen you stop watching the news and reading the newspapers, a few really important changes take place for you. The biggie is that you unplug from the matrix of programming that controls vast swathes of the population through fear orientated mind control. You begin to be in relationship with the world through direct experience rather than in response to stimuli generated by the ruling elite. Energetically, your vibration changes from a low fearful vibration to a higher vibration of trustful openness and love.

Secondly, you realise that YOU create your world, not the monarchy, governments, armies, corporate bosses or churches, YOU and only you. It can APPEAR as though the rich and powerful create the world we live in, but you now realise that they are not the creators, they are the instigators.

In other words, they insert a suggestion into the programme which causes us to react like puppets on a string. They are few and we are many, and the only way they can drive through their agenda is by controlling what we think and feel. It’s on the back of our reaction that change happens. Every war, every coup, every political decision, every environmental disaster, every company that thrives or flounders – all these events happen because we comply and carry out the actions that make them so. There are no exceptions. The world is the way it is because of me and you.

Thirdly, you no longer care that you are “uninformed”. Because paradoxically, being “informed” in the manner people most use the word actually means the opposite. An accurate interpretation of what these words actually mean in today’s back to front world are as follows:

Informed=programmed or unconscious, in bondage, diminished.
Uninformed=conscious, free, powerful.

You can see how it happens, people mistakenly believe that if they follow the news, then somehow they’ll be in a strategically stronger position to thrive, but the news was never created FOR you, it’s always been a tool of the elite with the sole purpose of working AGAINST you.

And finally, when you stop watching the news and reading elite controlled newspapers, you become a facilitator for truth, love, peace and unity. How? Raise your vibration and you begin to heal the world just by being you. And the wondrous thing is, healed people heal other people.

Everywhere you go, everyone you meet absorbs the light or vibration you radiate. Simply by responding to the world as YOU find it, rather than in reaction to what you are told by the media, has a massive impact.

You no longer dwell in misery, suffering, lack, hostility and fear as you are force fed one calamity after another. Instead you reside in the world you meet everyday, a world where bad things happen, but not nearly as frequently as the ruling elite would have us believe. So you move through your environment at ease, unworried and awake to the beauty and blessings of life. And that is how you step up to the plate and become the creator being you always were. You take back your power, in truth it was never taken from you.