newspapersWhen you stop watching the news and reading the newspapers, a few really important changes take place for you. The biggie is that you unplug from the matrix of programming that controls vast swathes of the population through fear orientated mind control. You begin to be in relationship with the world through direct experience rather than in response to stimuli generated by the ruling elite. Energetically, your vibration changes from a low fearful vibration to a higher vibration of trustful openness and love.

Secondly, you realise that YOU create your world, not the monarchy, governments, armies, corporate bosses or churches, YOU and only you. It can APPEAR as though the rich and powerful create the world we live in, but you now realise that they are not the creators, they are the instigators.

In other words, they insert a suggestion into the programme which causes us to react like puppets on a string. They are few and we are many, and the only way they can drive through their agenda is by controlling what we think and feel. It’s on the back of our reaction that change happens. Every war, every coup, every political decision, every environmental disaster, every company that thrives or flounders – all these events happen because we comply and carry out the actions that make them so. There are no exceptions. The world is the way it is because of me and you.

Thirdly, you no longer care that you are “uninformed”. Because paradoxically, being “informed” in the manner people most use the word actually means the opposite. An accurate interpretation of what these words actually mean in today’s back to front world are as follows:

Informed=programmed or unconscious, in bondage, diminished.
Uninformed=conscious, free, powerful.

You can see how it happens, people mistakenly believe that if they follow the news, then somehow they’ll be in a strategically stronger position to thrive, but the news was never created FOR you, it’s always been a tool of the elite with the sole purpose of working AGAINST you.

And finally, when you stop watching the news and reading elite controlled newspapers, you become a facilitator for truth, love, peace and unity. How? Raise your vibration and you begin to heal the world just by being you. And the wondrous thing is, healed people heal other people.

Everywhere you go, everyone you meet absorbs the light or vibration you radiate. Simply by responding to the world as YOU find it, rather than in reaction to what you are told by the media, has a massive impact.

You no longer dwell in misery, suffering, lack, hostility and fear as you are force fed one calamity after another. Instead you reside in the world you meet everyday, a world where bad things happen, but not nearly as frequently as the ruling elite would have us believe. So you move through your environment at ease, unworried and awake to the beauty and blessings of life. And that is how you step up to the plate and become the creator being you always were. You take back your power, in truth it was never taken from you.


  1. I grew up on Capitol Hill and was aware of world events as a young child. I chose being a journalist as my career. I’ve always felt an obligation to be a witness to the misery of the world.
    Recently my spiritual teacher suggested I take a 90 day break from the news. I was saturated in many sources from the NYTimes to the Guardian. It has been six weeks and I am amazed in the change in my life! I am happier, lighter and spending creative time and meditation time instead of reading and worrying about all that is going on in the world. I see I have absolutely no control over those events and my life is so much better for avoiding the steady drip, drip, drip of vitol and fear caused by my daily exposure to the so called news. Thanks for the great article. I’m sharing it with everyone I know!

    1. Thank you for your feedback Alix! I am so glad it resonated with you and I’m so happy to hear that you are feeling the benefits of avoiding the news.

      Namaste <3

  2. I stopped watching the news in 1992. I realized that the graphic images and the horror and sadness were giving me nightmares. My life got much better after that, although I still read the news. Even reading the news can disturb my sleep and my peace of mind. After reading your post and understanding the spiritual vibration nature of the news, I think I’m going to give up reading the news as well. I love what you say about healed people healing others. That’s the kind of person I want to be!

    1. I want to be one of those people too, Judi. I’ve come to realise that by healing myself, I automatically heal others. We all heal when we come into contact with the vibration of love, peace, compassion and kindness. So our primary focus has to be on working with ourselves, not out of selfishness but out of necessity. Simple things like avoiding negativity, like the news, and other lower vibrational influences, support the process so much.

      Thank you for reading.

      Namaste <3

      1. This is so true! I unplugged in 2,000 but then felt a need during one of the times of collapsing after pushing too hard, working on too many people, going to school, and being a single mom of six at the same time.

        Last eclipse right after watching the movie The Shift, my brother and two of my sister’s texted me at the same time, and my brother and I hadn’t been in connection since my neck surgery.

        After living in the country and being taught about energy as a little girl, I did begin to upgrade and download extra light, so my pupils were always dilated. But after marrying a mainstream guy (and we were very much in love at first) I began to become depleted. Always giving more than I took back in, and not understanding the relationship between the need for self love and unplugging with this basic survival mode. Even when married, since he wasn’t the dad (one of the reasons I got my tubes untied) I always worked at medical transcription until I couldn’t anymore. The combination of typing about all the things people can become ill with also contributed to being with mates who were quite wrapped up in the world of news.

        Also, being too close to EMFs tends to pull me in one direction, while reading books made out of trees is incredibly soothing.

        And now that we finally reached the New Moon, all sorts of shifts have happened in my personal life giving me much more time and space to work on me.

        And my inner knowing is guiding me to that which heals me and can help others at the same time.

        After my mom passed she came to me in dreams three times, and she was still doing her medical transcription. At the end of each dream, each in different places she loved so much, I would always find three microcassettes from the hospital I used to work at which hadn’t been finished, and I would feel frustrated and a bit guilty because I quit doing it when I connects the dots with that and pain. Then a fourth dream happened where she came to me and I looked right at her and told her, “But I hate medical transcription, Mama! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! I won’t go back to that job. I will find another way!”

        And I always have. Love you, Sue.

        1. I love it when you say, “my inner knowing is guiding me to that which heals me and can help others at the same time.”, Kami. Because I have discovered that this is always the case. It’s one of the signs that we are on the right path, the spiritual “win, win” outcome. When we are on the right path, no harm is done and everyone in our orbit benefits.

          I’m so glad you gave up the medical transcriptions. I can only imagine how painful and draining that must have been for you. It’s funny, my mum did a similar job and it wounded her too. So much so, that like you, she gave it up too.

          I love you too sweet sister.

          Namaste <3

  3. I also stopped listening to the news several years ago but I honestly don’t know when, as it is not missed here either lol. In fact, I don’t even turn on the TV, I find it to be nothing more than an annoyance. Only time it is on is when hubby is home, and I totally tune it out. I even listen to stuff on my PC rather than to listen to it sometimes, but he doesn’t listen to mainstream news either. It is all junk, paid for by the elite, and their repetitiveness is what brainwashes people. Same junk filtered in and out of peoples brains on a daily basis.

    Not only that, but I seriously get tired of the sensationalism. The key words that are meant to strike fear in peoples hearts, and even on the internet, by capitalizing the entire word for more emphasis is downright disgusting. I don’t even need to repeat the key words they are, you guys know what I am talking about.

    And so now, I have been working on my dad, to get him to stop listening either. I see the impact on how that “Boob Tube” as they used to call TV’s here, has him STILL brainwashed. Every time he gets huffy or excited about something he sees on TV, I just keep a straight face and remind him how the TV news, is all the same, and all to brain wash people, then I point out key things about his excitement and he looks all deflated. Deflated and defeated as if I took away his favorite lollipop. I nearly feel like taking up a lawsuit against the media for filling my elderly fathers head with such garbage. He even saw somewhere on the news that it was not good to drink too much water because it can kill you, and what did he do? He stopped drinking water! He dehydrated himself so badly it nearly landed him in the hospital. I had to have long talks with him for a couple of weeks, several weeks in fact to deprogram him. It was horrendous! He was convinced!

    So yeah, definitely something we can do without! Great write up Sue! I also love seeing the other comments. <3

    1. Before I gave up watching the news, I noticed something happening. Quite an ugly thing, but I want to share it. As I was listening to the sensationalist broadcasts, I actually felt an aspect of myself hungering to hear, to draw close to it and want more. I became super observant and simply watched that hidden part of myself and noticed how it felt to want to hear more suffering, pain, sadness and lack. It pulled at me in a very tangible way. And I thought, these are the unhealed aspects of me that seek a similar vibration. And then the realisation came in that watching this stuff only feeds the beast. It draws the darkness from us, the pain, the suffering to itself as a source of food to sustain it. This darkness is an energetic entity, Eckhart Tolle calls it the collective pain body. And in order for it to survive it has to witness and experience more pain. When we cut off its source of nourishment, it withers and dies.

      My mum is captivated and hypnotised by the news too. When I try to pull her away from its grip, she becomes very defensive. She is from the generation that does not question what she believes to be “the authorities”. That includes the media, police, doctors, government, etc. It’s very frustrating to see the programming in action when she responds in exactly the way the ruling elite want us to respond.

      Thanks for your contribution, Vee. I always look forward to reading your insights.

      Namaste <3

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