sacred circleEvery day I’m learning. Observing everything. Living consciously. Thinking for myself. It’s a bit of a theme of mine these days, looking at how life is different without mainstream news and media. And I realise that without the negative influence of ‘the news’ I am learning from other sources, more authentic sources.

The best teacher, the wisest teacher is life and nature. And friends and family too. And my feelings, watching how things feel when the heart is fully engaged. And noticing the body – how it responds to external circumstances. To be alert and awake to every moment delivers so many opportunities to grow in understanding.

What all this does is ‘localise’ my world. And this localisation condenses my influence, making it far more potent. Because when you’re not scattering your attention far and wide and expending energy on things you cannot change, you realise that the reason why you are placed within your family, your workplace, your home, your town and your country is because that’s what your soul desires and requires in order to grow. This energy that you have conserved helps you to ‘see’ and ascertain emotionally and energetically what your purpose is in this lifetime. And instead of feeling powerless to change the world at large, you feel empowered to change your immediate world.

You take responsibility for where you are NOW, geographically, circumstantially and emotionally. You imagine yourself in a circle and you take responsibility for everything that occurs within your circle. And you also acknowledge and accept that everyone else has their own circle of responsibility too. Whether they choose to create circles of fear or love is up to them. And this is so important, you recognise that all experience is valid and valuable. If another’s circle touches up or intersects with yours, it becomes part of your circle of responsibility to engage, learn and grow from the inherent lessons this presents. But, you don’t get to decide on the the energetic content of another’s circle without their express permission. Then, and only then, may you collaborate.

Condensing your energy in this way and taking control of how you use your energy and noticing what causes your energy to leak out and weaken you brings great personal power. You begin to see how your energy is used as a food source by external forces. You notice the strategies and dramas that are staged with the explicit purpose of power draining your vital life force. And once you see and understand this, you learn how to manage yourself. This means you are able to build up power within. Power building is a way to make yourself spiritually and energetically robust. It leads to an expansion of your senses – how you gather information and your sensitivity to your environment.

Once you learn how to build and maintain power in this way, your sphere of influence is much stronger. You need not concern yourself with changing the world, the world will change only when we do, one person at a time.


  1. YES!!! This is truly the key to personal healing and one of the points I stress constantly to people.
    We may question why we were born into families that reject us in one way or another but once we see the gift in this union of souls we can truly set ourselves free. And if we are lucky we can aid one if not all of them to look beyond their own programming. 🙂

    Love you siStar <3

  2. Thank you, she, for expressing this so eloquently.

    What a fabulous turning point in our journeys this is. It becomes more and more apparent that nothing is random.

    I love you and Maria and all people, love all these conscious co-creators so very much. Ho!

    1. That is very true, Kami. Everything has purpose, everything!!! And it is getting easier and easier to see the true nature of this world we live in. The veils are lifting!

      I love you Kami <3

  3. On “words of fear”. I recently wrote to a young man that runs and operates a radio show, and while there was no reply, I tried to convey that his show, while it is becoming more popular as well as successful, could wind up following the path of the “sensationalist”. I recommended that he start trying to fade out words that the media uses, such as, “terrifying” “Scary”, “frighting” etc. While they may excite people and draw their interest, it also follows the same dark path that we were blind to follow for many years.

    Only as a “radio show host” could he take the lead in trying to change that as people do find him interesting to follow. It is so important that we all begin to fade those words out.

    Many things ARE explainable and do have purpose, all things. They all, including ourselves, serve to influence, to stand out, and to be a beacon of ever growing energy, no matter which direction we flow.

    We, alone, are such fascinating beings, always try to see how we influence the universe.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Vee. And even though you didn’t receive an answer from the radio show host, you will have planted a seed. It’s all any of us can do. <3

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