Life Is A Simple Game

life is a simple gameI’ve just heard the lyric, ‘life is a simple game’ in a Billy Ocean song. And it got me thinking.  It IS a game, a game of consciousness.  It SHOULD be simple AND joyous, but for most of us, it’s not simple at all, and only a joy for brief isolated moments.  I guess that’s because we don’t realise it’s a game and we take it all far too seriously.  The ego doesn’t know it’s a game.  Unlike the higher self, it is operating from a very limited perspective. So when we let the ego run the show we end up getting bogged down in all the drama, which in turn generates more drama.

Because I know it’s a game or an illusion, I’ve lost the will to care too much about it all.  I don’t mean that I don’t care about the real stuff – people, animals and nature, I really care about the life force which resides within.  But I’ve lost all interest in drama, which for me includes politics, religion, mainstream entertainment and competitive sport.  All these things have one thing in common – they are all constructs of the ego, man made institutions and schools of thought.  They don’t arise organically.  And because they are ego generated, they vibrate to the frequency of fear and lack.

Everything that arises organically is an expression of the Creator. It has come directly from the Creator as an expression of Creator’s multifaceted nature which is infinite. Humanity CAN create in a worthwhile way but only when we allow the divine creative force to flow through us.  When we serve as channels, we create without interference from the ego. And we create using the frequency of love.  But in order to successfully create in this way, we first have to align ourselves with Creator.

The world we live in is overwhelmed with negative ego generated institutions. The church, big business, banking, pharmaceuticals and government which form the bedrock of society, are rotten to the core.  Formed by megalomaniacs to subdue and control, they rule our physical world with an iron grip.

At the moment, with the majority of humans still deeply unconscious, it is futile to get rid of the existing structures. Why? Because unconscious people will only create more of the same.  You’ve  only got to look at governments to realise that changing one government for another seldom brings about positive change for the people.  Despite the hopes and promises, we always end up getting more of the same.

So what’s the solution? To do nothing.  Absolutely nothing in terms of global revolution, absolutely everything in terms of personal revolution. To drive any sort of positive change, we must not get distracted by changing the physical forms of life outside of of our personal lives.

A global grassroots revolution would play right into the hands of the elite. Any revolution would only serve as a catalyst to bring in an even more repressive system of control.  The only way to bring about lasting and authentic change is through inner healing.  When this occurs, there will be no need for an external revolution.  There will be no need to rebel or take the stance of against.

When we turn towards the source within us and simply allow our true nature to manifest, we begin to heal, first ourselves and then others. And as we heal, we bring balance and harmony into the world.  That is all that is required.  It is breathtakingly simple.  Once the desire to ‘do something’ is recognised for what it is – an ego in turmoil and without access to the bigger picture  – we can begin the work to integrate the ego into the wholeness that we are.  The ego has a role to play, but it requires management.  To allow it to manage itself and, scarily, us, is akin to relinquishing control to a child.  Egos like children require love, boundaries and guidance.

The world that we inhabit today has been created out of fear, separation and a sense of lack. The world we all want to experience can only begin to form out of love, unity and abundance.  And we, as co-creators, can only bring it forth when we allow it.  It will never emerge from the battlefields of fear, but seed itself from the meadows of unification with All That Is.

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    1. Wow, that was weird, Maria. There used to be a busker in Bath, where I lived for a time. He wrote a song called ‘The Meadow’. I’d totally forgotten it until I read your words just now. It was an incredibly beautiful song – light filled and just lovely. We are already in the meadow together in a time out of time, a place out of place. <3 xxxx

  1. Every single thing that arises is a manifestion of the life-giver.The little human in its present form will not get that at all,for it would like to blame”out there” when in fact there is no “out there.” “In here” is a manifestation of “out there,”
    And cos we are in a massive paradigm shift like no other,ther is a slow realisation.[with real eyes…doncha know]And you will start to know that in cleaning up your own act,your vocabulary changes to a more gentler acceptance of “what is” now. It is very important to get that the human aspect will never ever understand enlightenment,though it may kid you at times that it does.It only understands mental activities,survival,emotions.It was never intended for the purpose of getting enlightenment,and does not want the burden of it.
    Of course this is what the soul wants,and the human feels the passion coming from the soul,and wants to get in on the act.So allow the soul to do the work,and as the Plaeidians say “The toxic waste emanating from the mental junk in your brains is poisoning our garden.”
    From homo sapiens to homo luminous is where we are headed.
    And ten minutes of gratitude daily is fab for the immune system.Cos not a leaf is out of place.All is well.
    Lots of love.

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