The Qualities of Love

Silence and stillness are two qualities of Love. To heal ourselves, we need both. Sometimes it can seem as though silence and stillness are nowhere to be found in our hectic lives and busy world, but don’t be fooled. Silence embraces every sound and stillness lies at the core of everything.

We can make spaces within our life to make it easier for the qualities of silence and stillness to manifest for us. And once we’ve authentically noticed silence and stillness, even if only for a moment, it heightens our awareness so that we begin to perceive these two sacred qualities everywhere.

We notice stillness in a crowded street and we notice silence in the spaces around, underneath and at the heart of the cacophony of sounds we hear every day. But most of all, we become aware that we carry these very qualities within our being, in the spaciousness that we are.

Whenever we feel unbalanced, unhappy, unwell or just a little off kilter, it is because we’ve lost touch with our essence which is silence, stillness, space and ultimately, Love. All these expressions are manifestations of Love. Without silence, stillness and space, nothing is possible.

4 thoughts on “The Qualities of Love”

  1. There is always some foul play is there not? So many life distractions, so many that it sometimes shatters our existence. On days like that, I find it necessary to retreat, and align with a calmer distraction (for me it is spending time with my fur babies) A place that no distraction, thought or othewise, can penetrate. To be absorbed in so much of a positive distraction is sublime.

    I tend to find that same re-grounding experience when I visit the ocean, which used to be such a neutral zone for me, one of spiritual cleansing if you will. I really miss that, most of all. Moving away from the thing I love dearly like that, was not an easy decision, but one that had to be made at the time, for others. A sacrifice that was well worthy.

    I love how you see things Sue, I honestly feel like sometimes, you might be the very person to understand what I say, something that with others, I find myself often trying to explain. I always see clearly through your words. <3

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