The Game of Life

the game of life

It is the emptiness that fills me, 
The void at the heart of Life
Where the whistling winds of eternity roar.
It is only in the space between thought, desire and expectation,
It is only in the pause between one attachment and the next
Where the kiss of true belonging can be recognised and felt.
Am I afraid to fall headlong, heart surrendered into the great expanse of Nothing?
I know that I am not.
I know that I have already plunged and continue to plunge into myself,
And it is the echo of the free-fall into Heavenly Grace
That I would recreate in moments of faulty comprehension.

The precipice is a myth, the greatest myth ever told,
But by belief and repetition it gains a half-life, a shadow identity,
But it is not real, it is not real, it is not real.
When the promise of Heaven threatens to rip open my skin,
Scatter my bones and burn away the last vestiges of who I think I am
I lean away from the ecstatic abyss into a game I have created.
Why? Why not?
The game is not done with, it still plays out.
When I am ready for the most beautiful pain,
The sweetest agony,
When you are ready too,
We will plunge together into Divine Union
And then all will cease to exist,
Every thought will be forgotten,
Every emotion erased
And only the Bliss of Being will remain,
Undifferentiated, still, silent.
Creation will wind down and fold into the still silent point.

But for now we play at forgetting and remembering,
That is the joy of the Game of Life.
So, if you, like me, are a seeker,
Understand why you seek,
Know what you seek.
Enjoy the gift you have given yourself,
Treat it with playful reverence,
It has yet to begin, it is eternal and it is over.
It is all these things,
But above all remember that you are never lost,
I am here remembering you, you are here as a testament to me.
You are home; you are the destination and the journey.
You are Life living Itself.

© Sue Claughton, 2016

What are you waiting for?

We’ve got to resist sleepwalking through our lives at all costs. That is one of the fundamental challenges I believe we face. It’s easy to slip into predictability and focus on the little ups and downs that characterise human life.

We all take ourselves too seriously from time to time. We react to the little dramas in our lives as though they are major catastrophes. But when we open our eyes and hearts to the life that surrounds us, it’s never long before we see genuine suffering and hardship.

And that’s a big part of why we are here. We are here to cultivate and express compassion and kindness. It really doesn’t take much to imbue our lives with depth and to lift others out of the darkness. And in doing so, we transform ourselves from the inside out too.

We are always being told that we are One and that we live in a deeply interconnected world. But what does that actually mean? How can we make sense of it empirically?

As far as I’m concerned, there is only one way to explore and experience this as our personal reality. And that’s through our hearts and the power of love. Not some head nodding, dreamy eyed pseudo spiritual superficial agreeing and pontificating. It means helping, serving, living our lives as channels for God’s love to manifest in the here and now.

So many people are waiting – waiting for ascension, waiting for spiritual enlightenment, waiting for the sky to split open and for God and all the angels to swoop down and save the day or waiting for aliens to show themselves and somehow change everything.

But, this is all so PASSIVE, lazy and cowardly. And it’s never going to happen. We are here to do it for ourselves. We can ask for strength, guidance and wisdom, but ultimately if we want to create a better world, we’ve got to do it for ourselves, together and for each other. We’ve got to do it for love, nothing else. We’ve got to live our lives for love.

Taking Offence

taking offenceIs it just me, or is the average person’s capacity to hear and see things they don’t agree with without taking personal offence diminishing? There are many, many things I don’t agree with, things that don’t dovetail comfortably with my morals and ideals, but I let them go.

Taking offence, or believing and acting as though our point of view is the right one, is such an egotistical stance. And I come across all these outraged people who’s sense of equilibrium is so easily disturbed. It’s like they are professional objectors! Almost anything can set them off. Politics, religion, lifestyle choices. Whatever happened to live and let live?

It’s as if people think they have this innate right to sail through life with everything and everyone mirroring their own personal take on life. And if others behave in a way that disturbs them, they see that as a viable reason for whatever is bothering them to stop. It’s crazy!

Is it diversity that upsets them? Uniqueness? Or maybe professional objectors are simply unsure of what they stand for, or who they actually are? Maybe their sense of self is so precarious and fragile, that anything different is seen as a threat?

In the late 80’s, people got so upset by the New Age Travellers. They hated these people who’s only crime, as far as I can tell, was choosing a life on the road, travelling from place to place in converted buses, coaches and camper vans. For me, they typified freedom. I knew a lot of them. They were good people, modern day gypsies. Many of them were artists and musicians. The Tory government soon put a stop to their way of life, creating laws that prohibited people travelling in groups on the roads. I was sad to see them go.

Every country and culture needs people like the New Age Travellers. So what if they were on benefits. Most creatives and free spirits need a little help along the way as they forge new ways of being. Without the inspirers, the renegades, a society stagnates. So, for me, I see them and people like them who live on the outer edges of society, as national treasures, people to nurture.

Perhaps a lot of the people who take offence at the way others choose to live are motivated by jealousy? Maybe they secretly admire those that choose a different way to express but feel unable to do so themselves? Maybe they just lack the courage to step away from the crowd and ruffle a few feathers…