Taking Offence

taking offenceIs it just me, or is the average person’s capacity to hear and see things they don’t agree with without taking personal offence diminishing? There are many, many things I don’t agree with, things that don’t dovetail comfortably with my morals and ideals, but I let them go.

Taking offence, or believing and acting as though our point of view is the right one, is such an egotistical stance. And I come across all these outraged people who’s sense of equilibrium is so easily disturbed. It’s like they are professional objectors! Almost anything can set them off. Politics, religion, lifestyle choices. Whatever happened to live and let live?

It’s as if people think they have this innate right to sail through life with everything and everyone mirroring their own personal take on life. And if others behave in a way that disturbs them, they see that as a viable reason for whatever is bothering them to stop. It’s crazy!

Is it diversity that upsets them? Uniqueness? Or maybe professional objectors are simply unsure of what they stand for, or who they actually are? Maybe their sense of self is so precarious and fragile, that anything different is seen as a threat?

In the late 80’s, people got so upset by the New Age Travellers. They hated these people who’s only crime, as far as I can tell, was choosing a life on the road, travelling from place to place in converted buses, coaches and camper vans. For me, they typified freedom. I knew a lot of them. They were good people, modern day gypsies. Many of them were artists and musicians. The Tory government soon put a stop to their way of life, creating laws that prohibited people travelling in groups on the roads. I was sad to see them go.

Every country and culture needs people like the New Age Travellers. So what if they were on benefits. Most creatives and free spirits need a little help along the way as they forge new ways of being. Without the inspirers, the renegades, a society stagnates. So, for me, I see them and people like them who live on the outer edges of society, as national treasures, people to nurture.

Perhaps a lot of the people who take offence at the way others choose to live are motivated by jealousy? Maybe they secretly admire those that choose a different way to express but feel unable to do so themselves? Maybe they just lack the courage to step away from the crowd and ruffle a few feathers…

4 thoughts on “Taking Offence”

  1. Indeed, Sue! I myself would like to be one of the New Age Travellers. To travel around the country as I blog, while doing crystal healings and chair massages at festivals is my dream. I would also carry some healing salves and aromatherapy sprays, and of course some crystals.

    Perhaps for some, it takes being broken first before having the time to truly explore their creativity – hence the need for benefits for some people who are still doing whatever they can to better themselves and the world in general by creating beauty! And sharing it. I love you, Sue, you are wonderful!

    I would be by here more often if the two sites were linked, I wish they were! Also, I am coming out of a slump dealing with too many things all at once – again – but have some breathing time now. Om shanti.

  2. I think you’re right, Kami. Some of the most beautiful gifts can only be realised when everything else has fallen away. I love your vision of travelling from place to place offering the light of your being to others. Beautiful!

    Sending you love, light and healing sistar!

    Om Shanti <3

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