frontierAre you free or are you a hostage? When I say free, I mean truly FREE. I openly admit that I’m not fully free. I experience periods of absolute freedom. And when I do!!! Well, it keeps me going. It helps me to recognise those longer spells of time when I’m not free. Times when I’m held hostage by fear and by my ego. I haven’t quite worked out whether I accomplish freedom all by myself or whether Source gifts me these moments to give me something to empirically experience so that I know beyond a shadow of doubt when I’m NOT free.

I know that my natural state is one of unbounded freedom. I remember, deep within my bones, what this freedom feels like. I attain it, when I least expect it, during meditation or during my dream time. And I experience it when the boundary of skin is experienced for what it is, an illusion where I end and the ‘outside’ world begins. I feel it at frontiers. Frontiers of my mind, frontiers at the edge of fear and most of all, frontiers at the edge of my thinking mind.

The next frontier isn’t deep space, or at least not in the way most people think of deep space. The next frontier beckons us all. In a very real way, it’s a fake frontier. It’s a 3D illusion. It’s what we’ve been programmed to believe and it’s reinforced daily by myriad outside forces. And we enforce it too. But the thing is, every last one of us knows that we are captives by choice. It’s just that we’ve forgotten.

But now, we are entering an epoch of great remembering because it’s time for the next great leap. There is now an urgency, a spiritual imperative, to leap into the next stage of our evolution CONSCIOUSLY. In a sense, we are there already. Our ‘future’ selves have already accomplished this leap. But it feels like, from where I am, and please bear with me because this is insanely difficult to articulate, this leap cannot trickle back to empower us in this now moment, because it hasn’t been anchored and claimed by us right here in this present moment.

I’m writing this as a trigger point, to remind myself and anyone who cares to listen. Because words are spells and today is a day when the veil is easier to penetrate, not just between life and what we take as death, but between the frontier we have chosen to believe can’t be crossed. But it can be crossed. Not by trying to cross it, not by any sort of endeavour, but by dismissing the idea, the concept of a frontier.

We disempower and dissolve the idea of our prison walls, or frontiers, by moving deeply into our heart space, by consolidating our energy and focusing it on the precise coordinates of this NOW moment, by opening to the flow of life, by stepping outside of our thinking mind and observing our experience from the Still Point and by dropping resistance and expectation of every kind.

And we drop the idea that this is in any way a test. It is not a test. It is something we have already completed. Trust yourself and accept yourself with unconditional love. And breathe. Breathe yourself into this reality that is yours already. It’s as simple and intuitive as your next breath. No one decides to take that next breath, we just breathe, naturally and with ease.



Whenever everything seems to be stacked against you and going wrong in your life – STOP! Because the EXACT OPPOSITE is happening. Life is trying to get your attention. The Universe is trying to draw your attention towards that which needs healing. Source is shining a big painful spotlight on an aspect of your life that is out of balance.

Because we are stubborn and lazy when it comes to learning how to live in balance, and because we tend to pull away from inner growth, Source uses whatever it can within our lives to make it impossible for us to sweep things under the carpet.

If your life isn’t going so well, it’s highly probable that you have ignored a chain of hints and pointers. When this happens, as it does with most of us, the messages get more and more urgent until we notice and DO something about it.

What it usually means is that we are resisting CHANGE. When we allow change, when we open to the movement that seeks to flow through us, we notice an alleviation of negativity. And then, if we are paying attention, we see with great clarity. We see, not a random catalogue of suffering and disasters, but an overarching meaning that connects the negative elements of our lives into a symbolic rescue package.

All at once, it is blindingly obvious what we need to do and why. We don’t use our thinking mind to gain clarity, we tune into our heart and intuition. So whenever we reach a point when everything appears to have gone wrong, we can take heart. It is at this precise point, this pivotal moment, that we are perfectly aligned with a gateway into our own deep and radical healing.

It is up to us whether we choose to take this opportunity, but the invitation forever remains. Do we move into healing or do we choose to suffer some more?

Loving ourselves exactly as we are

I’ve been and am still going through a process with my body. Due to medication I’ve been taking, I’ve gained 28 pounds in just over a year. I’ve learnt a lot about my body and my relationship with it that I think could help others.

First and foremost, I’ve learnt that long term positive change only occurs when we act out of love for our bodies. That is why diets don’t work. Diets are like wars, we are literally mounting a war on ourselves and the motivation is hate.

We try to beat our bodies into submission. This impulse arises out of self loathing for our physical form. It may work for a time, but its unsustainable. At some point, we run out of steam because hate, disgust and self loathing are negative emotions that damage us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And they are so draining. We just can’t keep it up.

The best way to affect positive and healthy changes to our bodies is to forget all about dieting. Instead, we open our hearts to the miraculous wonder that is our physical body. We tune into the body and ask it what it wants and needs to feel good, to feel healthy. And then we wait. We observe what feels good to eat. And not just while we are eating it, but afterwards.

We forget all about calories and targets which are always future orientated. Instead we practice mindfulness as we prepare and eat food. We learn to love our bodies just as they are, unconditionally and with reverence. When we do this, our bodies respond.

Through our intuition, our bodies speak to us. They tell us what we need to feel strong, clean and healthy. When we do this we foster trust. We trust our bodies to show us what we need and our bodies respond by bringing us good health and balance. This loving approach to health really works. I hope my insights help anyone that is overweight, underweight or out of physical balance in any way.


Every time you fail, you don’t really fail at all. It’s impossible to fail because a failure is nothing more than an intensive learning opportunity.

The more you fail, the more you learn and grow. Never regret anything. Even terrible life events bring insight and wisdom. Even if you repeat the same mistake over and over, it isn’t a waste. It just means you didn’t learn all you needed to the first or second time round.

Over a lifetime, we have the capacity to learn so much. Life is incredibly dynamic and rich when we realise the wisdom waiting to be realised within every encounter, experience and moment.


We Are All Warriors

warrior1You are the hero of your own life. You are incredibly courageous to keep showing up for yourself day after day. Never compare yourself to other people. We are all courageous in different ways.

My ability to be strong is not the same as yours. Things that terrify me won’t bother you and vice versa. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Compare yourself to your last best effort. We are all warriors. Just to be here, incarnated in physicality, is such a heroic undertaking.

To be separated from Source, from infinite love, peace and bliss, is like jumping off a cliff into the darkness below. It takes mountains of faith and courage. But you did that, I did too. It’s one of the many reasons I feel such tenderness for everyone.

We sacrificed ourselves, for a time, to leave our home of love and light and descend into this world of suffering and alienation. When it’s all over, when we transition, this human life will seem as brief as a blink of an eye.

You can feel the echo of that relief from the future now, in your present. It is there to comfort you, that gasp of cosmic comprehension. You can feel it if you try. I see and feel it sometimes. Time folds in on itself and I’m there. I’m back home and everything is crystal clear. When life overwhelms me, I try to reconnect to that knowing.


Every Day…

every-dayEvery day I learn something new – about myself and the world, about society and the natural world. Every day I redefine who I am. I learn about my ego and how it tricks me, how it leads me away from who I am. And I learn about the steadfast nature of love and truth.

Each new revelation creates a new world that is lived for a day. And then I wake up and start all over again, ready and receptive to what life has to reveal to me. Every day a layer of illusion crumbles into dust.

Every day my ego tells me I know a little more and I laugh at my ego, because I remember the day before. And I know that I am not wise, I do not know all there is know, not a fraction. If I learn anything it is that learning is more about emptying out data and facts once they have served their purpose.

I learn to be as empty as possible, unattached to pearls of wisdom and clever ideas. I learn that it is the emptiness, the ability to hold space, that is my best teacher. I don’t even wonder anymore. Because wondering is speculation – a game for the mind. I use my mind as a servant. I am my heart which is love and truth. I forget this, often. But I forgive myself anyway. Again and again.