Every Day…

every-dayEvery day I learn something new – about myself and the world, about society and the natural world. Every day I redefine who I am. I learn about my ego and how it tricks me, how it leads me away from who I am. And I learn about the steadfast nature of love and truth.

Each new revelation creates a new world that is lived for a day. And then I wake up and start all over again, ready and receptive to what life has to reveal to me. Every day a layer of illusion crumbles into dust.

Every day my ego tells me I know a little more and I laugh at my ego, because I remember the day before. And I know that I am not wise, I do not know all there is know, not a fraction. If I learn anything it is that learning is more about emptying out data and facts once they have served their purpose.

I learn to be as empty as possible, unattached to pearls of wisdom and clever ideas. I learn that it is the emptiness, the ability to hold space, that is my best teacher. I don’t even wonder anymore. Because wondering is speculation – a game for the mind. I use my mind as a servant. I am my heart which is love and truth. I forget this, often. But I forgive myself anyway. Again and again.

3 thoughts on “Every Day…”

  1. The mind will always have its own agenda.Always.So it has to be cajoled into the back seat,instead of in the driver’s seat. One has to go beyond the mind-to somehow be greater than the body and mind,otherwise “that trap” will always be in the wings.
    Working from heart,as opposed to mind/brain connection brings us closer to our true nature of love. “Be curious,not judgmental, about self and others, is a helpful mantra for me”.
    If you don’t go within,you go without.All a conscious choice. Becoming conscious of your unconscious thoughts is a challenge,since 95% of our thoughts are unconscious by 40 years of age. xxx

  2. Totally agree, Jane. Being the witness, anchoring ourselves in the eternal Now moment and working from the heart! I love it when you say, “be curious, not judgemental…” That’s what I focus on as often as I can. <3 xxx

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