We Are All Warriors

warrior1You are the hero of your own life. You are incredibly courageous to keep showing up for yourself day after day. Never compare yourself to other people. We are all courageous in different ways.

My ability to be strong is not the same as yours. Things that terrify me won’t bother you and vice versa. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Compare yourself to your last best effort. We are all warriors. Just to be here, incarnated in physicality, is such a heroic undertaking.

To be separated from Source, from infinite love, peace and bliss, is like jumping off a cliff into the darkness below. It takes mountains of faith and courage. But you did that, I did too. It’s one of the many reasons I feel such tenderness for everyone.

We sacrificed ourselves, for a time, to leave our home of love and light and descend into this world of suffering and alienation. When it’s all over, when we transition, this human life will seem as brief as a blink of an eye.

You can feel the echo of that relief from the future now, in your present. It is there to comfort you, that gasp of cosmic comprehension. You can feel it if you try. I see and feel it sometimes. Time folds in on itself and I’m there. I’m back home and everything is crystal clear. When life overwhelms me, I try to reconnect to that knowing.


One thought on “We Are All Warriors”

  1. The separation is only in the mind-no-where else. Issue is how to get brain/body out of the past?
    Reality is a movement of consciousness is what it is.
    So only you can be aware as your conscious awareness,which is often not helped by the egoic self wanting to stay put. And the many games etc…..
    The stories we tell ourselves are the vital ones.And thus being a warrior is a movement away from belief systems,and dictates of what should be. With wisdom,create your new world,inhabit it,and invite others to join you. Be the change you want to see in the world…….There is only one leader-goddess-warrior- and that is you……..Wherever you are—be there-totally.

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