frontierAre you free or are you a hostage? When I say free, I mean truly FREE. I openly admit that I’m not fully free. I experience periods of absolute freedom. And when I do!!! Well, it keeps me going. It helps me to recognise those longer spells of time when I’m not free. Times when I’m held hostage by fear and by my ego. I haven’t quite worked out whether I accomplish freedom all by myself or whether Source gifts me these moments to give me something to empirically experience so that I know beyond a shadow of doubt when I’m NOT free.

I know that my natural state is one of unbounded freedom. I remember, deep within my bones, what this freedom feels like. I attain it, when I least expect it, during meditation or during my dream time. And I experience it when the boundary of skin is experienced for what it is, an illusion where I end and the ‘outside’ world begins. I feel it at frontiers. Frontiers of my mind, frontiers at the edge of fear and most of all, frontiers at the edge of my thinking mind.

The next frontier isn’t deep space, or at least not in the way most people think of deep space. The next frontier beckons us all. In a very real way, it’s a fake frontier. It’s a 3D illusion. It’s what we’ve been programmed to believe and it’s reinforced daily by myriad outside forces. And we enforce it too. But the thing is, every last one of us knows that we are captives by choice. It’s just that we’ve forgotten.

But now, we are entering an epoch of great remembering because it’s time for the next great leap. There is now an urgency, a spiritual imperative, to leap into the next stage of our evolution CONSCIOUSLY. In a sense, we are there already. Our ‘future’ selves have already accomplished this leap. But it feels like, from where I am, and please bear with me because this is insanely difficult to articulate, this leap cannot trickle back to empower us in this now moment, because it hasn’t been anchored and claimed by us right here in this present moment.

I’m writing this as a trigger point, to remind myself and anyone who cares to listen. Because words are spells and today is a day when the veil is easier to penetrate, not just between life and what we take as death, but between the frontier we have chosen to believe can’t be crossed. But it can be crossed. Not by trying to cross it, not by any sort of endeavour, but by dismissing the idea, the concept of a frontier.

We disempower and dissolve the idea of our prison walls, or frontiers, by moving deeply into our heart space, by consolidating our energy and focusing it on the precise coordinates of this NOW moment, by opening to the flow of life, by stepping outside of our thinking mind and observing our experience from the Still Point and by dropping resistance and expectation of every kind.

And we drop the idea that this is in any way a test. It is not a test. It is something we have already completed. Trust yourself and accept yourself with unconditional love. And breathe. Breathe yourself into this reality that is yours already. It’s as simple and intuitive as your next breath. No one decides to take that next breath, we just breathe, naturally and with ease.

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