I shared this yesterday on Facebook , and today I am sharing it AGAIN here on my blog because our mainstream media are refusing to cover it. The Independent ran the story, as you can see. But what about TV news? Millions upon millions of Muslims RISKED THEIR LIVES to take part in this march, which is estimated to be the BIGGEST march to take place in the ENTIRE WORLD. They are marching AGAINST ISIS and in doing so they are sending a HUGE message to the West.

But the West doesn’t want to hear because it doesn’t fit into their narrative. We all need to think about the men, women and children who took part in this march. They have demonstrated great courage as they reach out to men, women and children around the world. They are telling us that they are a peaceful people who abhor terrorism. Muslims are just like you and me. All they want is to live their lives quietly and with dignity.

I wrote a post about Standing Rock a few days ago and how we, the people, have to be the media because the media refuse to do their jobs properly. Again, we have another example of the media failing not only Muslims, but the entire world. We will only achieve peace through communication. And if the media refuses to communicate what is happening in other parts of the world, they are blocking peace and inciting division, suspicion and fear.

Please share this widely. We are the media!

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I remember covering the Holocaust at school. We were horrified. We couldn’t understand how the people of Germany and the rest of the world could stand by and let millions of Jewish people perish. And then, years later, all those awareness raising campaigns that pledged, “Never Again”.

From the moral high ground, we judged the people of the 1940’s and in our smugness, we were proud – the British and Americans – that we were better than that, better than Nazi Germany. And yet, for all our good intentions, heroic speeches and vows of creating a more humane world, what do we see unfolding daily, right now?

We bear witness to the massacre of innocents in Syria, we see desperate people drown at sea trying to reach refuge, we see millions die from preventable diseases in cash-poor countries, we see fragile souls dying of hypothermia on the streets of the richest cities in the world. And we see undocumented numbers of people dying from inadequate health care. But that is not the same people cry. Is it not? How is it different? I think it is the same. We could help, we could end the suffering, but we choose to allow it. Do you think it matters to a dying person whether they are killed in a gas chamber or bombed/drowned/froze…No, it’s all the same. And it’s not because people are inherently evil, it’s because they are indifferent or imagine it’s somebody else’s problem.

There is a truth that the ruling elite don’t want us to realise. They want us to identify with our country of origin. And crucially, they want us to be patriots, because to be patriotic is to be obedient to the state. And above all else, they want us to pledge allegiance to our governments over the everyday people of other countries. They want us to stand together behind our politicians and our military. They want to divide us from each other. They cry “look after our own first”, as if this is a noble sentiment, but in reality they don’t even want us to do that. What they really want to inspire within us is a dog eat dog and an I’m alright Jack mentality. We are puppets in training.

We have far more in common with the people of France, Brazil, India or Pakistan, than the politicians who sit isolated in government or the moguls that get rich off the back of the working people. Ultimately there isn’t an us and them, but there is a privileged ruling elite that span the globe. They include royalty, corporate leaders, bankers, military and politicians. They are the seeds of the new world order, already in situ, waiting, biding their time until the climate is ripe for a decisive takeover.

But even with all their wealth and perceived power, they are weak and vulnerable, because in the end it’s a numbers game. We are many and they are few. And that is what they don’t want us to realise, so they disempower us through psychological warfare, poor diet, distraction and misinformation.

They have no power but the power we give away. And we are giving it away, every day in every way imaginable. Those of us that point to the truth are marginalised and ridiculed. But that doesn’t alter truth, it only affects our ability as a people to respond to truth. The ruling elite know this, they depend on it, and they convince the weakest amongst us to act as their thought-police. A self-policing force who mistakenly think they serve good, when in reality all they really stand for is the corrupt establishment and their impending slavery.


Past and future are myths. When we stop believing in them, we consolidate all our power and energy in the ever present Now moment. When we believe in linear time, we fragment ourselves by sending out our energy into the ghost lands of nonexistence. By rooting ourselves in the here and now, we reclaim our scattered energy and anchor the fullness of our energetic signature within our physical being.

This gathering in of our power through focused attention makes us incredibly potent and robust. It enables us to operate at maximum efficiency on all levels of our being. From this power point, we can dynamically heal as we learn and grow through right action and even more so through choices that didn’t have the desired effect (mistakes). A mis-take from the ‘past’ can be re-taken in the present, meaning we benefit from the knowledge accrued through being fully present and witness to what we perceived was wrongly chosen the first time.

We don’t drain ourselves with guilt or regret for ‘past’ events. Instead, we optimise the experience so that nothing is wasted. We learn and grow at an accelerated rate, because we never vacate the precise coordinate of Now. There is no linear movement. We don’t weaken our power by taking our eye off the ball by watching it ricochet forwards or backwards. We stay HERE at the centre of the unfolding story. We notice more, much more. We attune to our body. We see and hear metaphors in our external environment and notice that where skin meets air, is a mirror, not a barrier. As within so without actually means something concrete to us. It provides us with infinite knowledge and wisdom that is uniquely tailored to our requirements. Nothing more is needed. It’s perfect.


Most of us know that mainstream media is nothing more than the mouthpiece of the ruling elite. The media doesn’t stand for the people or the land. Thanks to the Internet and social media, we have the power to circumvent the media.

We can, and must, help our brothers and sisters at Standing Rock by sharing the truth of what is taking place there. We need to share video footage and interviews with those on the ground. The media will not do this for us. The media are anti-truth.

This standoff is about far more than Standing Rock, although that is incredibly important. It is about the people of this world standing up to the powers that seek to dominate, crush and control us. It is about all of us – regardless of colour, nationality or religion – uniting TOGETHER.

The future of our planet is at stake. Do we choose to protect our beautiful lands or do accept that we are nothing more than slaves, obedient consumers? We’ve got to decide. Now!

I am alarmed that so many people, friends, relatives and neighbours, are indifferent to what is happening. Don’t you get it????? The Native Americans are YOU. The people of Syria are YOU. We are One People and it’s imperative that we support each other and Mother Earth.

If you’re broke or time poor, you can still help. You can share what is happening. You can talk about it in your communities to spread awareness. But please, don’t turn away. One day soon, you will be next. You better believe it.


Being awake isn’t a final destination in itself. There are many, many layers to awakening. The further you progress, the more you feel like an outsider, an alien in your own culture, country and even planet.

You will be judged mad and delusional. But you KNOW. You know that this world we live in is masked by lies and illusions. And the unravelling of one lie leads to another. Everything you have been taught is revealed as programming. But you can’t go back to a state of compliant ignorance, you don’t want that. So, in a very real way, you feel alone.

But there is something that I have discovered that makes things easier to bear. And that is that love crosses the gulf between those that are awake and those that are still caught in the deception. Love permeates everything. Even if you live in a family, town or country where everyone still sleeps, you can still connect with them meaningfully through your heart. You can still be nourished and nourish each other by heart to heart connections of love. This is by design, sacred design.

So although you may well FEEL alone, know that this is only illusion. Right at the heart of everyone, love lives. Love lives free of the illusions, lies and manipulation of this world. It is the one aspect of each of us that is untainted. 💖


Sometimes you have to sit down and allow the tears to silently flow. Some days, it’s all you can do. You get days when your heart just feels exhausted, when your spirit needs a break. On days like this, just do it.

Some days the love in your heart gets overwhelmed by the brutality of life. You just don’t understand how you ended up here. Don’t berate your gentle nature. Allow yourself this day. It’s necessary. It’s medicine.

Tears are a sane response to an insane world. Don’t forgive yourself. There is nothing to forgive. You are an angel from the skies. You know this and that’s why it hurts so much.

Pain is okay, although it’s not what you deserve. Let the pain be. Please let the pain be. Don’t deny it or turn away. It has a gift for you. Allow the tears to do their bidding. They are sacred. Like spring water, they cleanse and replenish.

Create a space within your vastness to let it all be exactly as it is. And remember, I love you. Who is this ‘I’ that is here for you no matter what? Don’t you know?

Dig deep and remember. Feel me. I am your memory for when you forget. I am your lover when you feel loveless. I am your home. The door that is always open. I am the laughter that coaxes a smile from your lips. I am your faithful friend that can’t be turned. I am your everything. Always present. Forever yours.

I breathe life into being. I close in around your final moments to call you home. To me. To you. It’s okay. Always and forever. Together. Even now when your need is great. I am here. With you. By your side. There is never anything to fear. You and I are invincible.


Have you made your mind up? I haven’t. Not about anything. I am open and receptive. I listen to words, but I realise they only form a tiny part of the incoming information. Truly, we need to get out of our heads more of the time and tune into the energetic field of data that surrounds us. I am prepared to intuitively make decisions moment by moment. In the Now. When we approach life with a concrete script of how we will respond to this and that we are always lagging behind what is happening right now. Our power is accessed in the space between each heartbeat. It’s dynamic, fluid, constantly redefining itself because we are responsive beings intimately connected to everything else. When one element of the whole alters, everything shifts. Our intelligence isn’t time bound, it’s free, open ended and yet it’s always with us. But we have to be here, in the immediacy of our being, to access it fully.


You know how to make the world a peaceful place to live, you were born knowing. To you it seems as simple as ABC. You hold peace, joy, love, unity and compassion within your being. You are a living container holding the access codes for a new earth within you.

It is hard for you, living in this density within a world of polarity. You look out at the world and you wait. Every time you think that we are on the brink of positive change, you brace yourself. You are ready. And then, something happens to stop it. This happens over and over and you wonder, will humankind ever be ready?

In many ways you are a child, in that you simply can’t compute the cruelty and selfishness of this world. You don’t fit in, most likely you never have. You feel as though you live on the periphery of life. Watching, waiting, hoping. You know about the prophecies. So you stand firm, knowing that a time will come when this nonsensical world will fall into place and at long last make perfect sense to you and your kind.

You feel like an messenger from the future. Of course, you make mistakes too. You are imperfect. But through all the pain and struggle you are connected to a wisdom, a knowledge that you haven’t learnt but have always known. And it is this innate wisdom that has shaped you.

You feel truth rather than discern it through mental faculties. You feel compelled to share what you know in full understanding that most of it will fall on deaf ears, but you tell it all the same.

You may well die without realising that you have already fulfilled your purpose. Because purpose isn’t measured by the numbers of people you have reached, but in the depth and intensity of each encounter. You may only reach one soul, but that one soul could then be the one who will reach many. This is the way. And you are the way.


I think we are all shell shocked today by the news from the USA. I’m trying to allow it to settle and discover if there is anything positive to take from this. Trump isn’t a good man, no matter which angle you look at it from. But, maybe, just maybe we ought not to be trying to understand Trump the man, but Trump the symbol.

As a symbol, he represents all that is wrong with this world. He is the epitome of out of control ego. He’s a racist, xenophobe and a sexist. He is greedy, dishonest, ignorant and aggressive. All those negative qualities condensed into one human being out there on the world stage and under the spotlight for everyone to see. Why?

There is a reason. Nothing in this world is without reason. It seems to me that Trump is here to heal us by showing us hidden aspects of ourselves. None of us are perfect. Trump is an extreme exaggeration of everything that needs to come up for clearing within ourselves.

As the lyric in the Rolling Stones song goes, “you don’t always get what you want, sometimes you get what you need.” Do we need Trump? Perhaps we do. The majority in the USA not only need him, they appear to want him too. But what about the rest of us? What does Trump embody that we need to learn from?

Humanity is at a crossroads. The planet can’t take much more of ego driven man and the devastation he wreaks. But, still, we don’t quite believe it. Still. After all the warnings. We still don’t get it. Perhaps Trump is here to show us in all his awfulness how NOT to do it. He is a man, with not one iota of experience as a politician who has managed to secure the most powerful position on the entire planet. You literally couldn’t make this up.

Now, here’s an uncomfortable thought. It could be that we DESERVE Trump. An enlightened, heart orientated society would NEVER in a million years elect him as president, yet here he is larger than life about to take up the mantle as ‘leader of the free world’. Perhaps when he has served a term in The White House, we will realise what we DON’T want with far greater clarity and choose better next time.

Maybe, as Trump begins his journey as president, we will learn how to recalibrate our hearts and minds to explore better ways of being in this world. Trump will mess up. It is inevitable. How will we respond? Will we mirror his behaviour, will we adopt his mindset or will we learn from his mistakes? As within, so without.


img_0952When you have the realisation – in a blinding flash or gradually over time – that your government is not your friend, is not on your side, does not have your best interests at heart – it’s a shock. It’s painful and disorienting. Governments don’t serve us. Governments serve the ruling elite. Unless you are disgustingly wealthy, your government is irrelevant to you. It’s my belief that governments of most countries are enemies of the people. They seek to divide us and take from us as much as they can possibly get away with.

It’s our job to find peaceful means to overthrow them and replace them with something representative of our interests and the interests of our planet and all the life it sustains. Wars are a manifestation of government. They do not serve humanity, yet they have been a feature of our history for centuries. Why? Because it serves the agenda of the ruling elite that see it primarily as a revenue generating mechanism and a way to establish greater control.

We have all been programmed since birth to obey and comply. It’s got to stop. It’s outrageous that we give away our power so readily. We are gullible and shortsighted. Until we learn how to stand up for ourselves and each other, we will continue to be used as nothing more than slaves. What we have to accomplish, in order to throw off the shackles of servitude, is difficult. It requires precision. On one hand, we have to get tougher, much tougher and more defiant, in order to rise up and claim back our self determination. And on the other hand, we have to cultivate our gentle and loving nature that prompts us to care for the vulnerable, protect the unprotected and love ourselves.

Whilst we are walking this knife edge, we must never waver. We will be plagued by self doubt and wonder if we are imagining the global plot against us. And we must help those that are still under the spell, that do not see clearly. With consistency and bravery, we can assist others to understand the magnitude of the deception that holds our population hostage. We can, if we choose, become beacons of hope. We can help bring about the peaceful revolution that this world is crying out for. If we listen to our hearts, we can accomplish this without a single drop of blood being shed.

We have to lose our naivety and simultaneously gain a sense of innocence that will empower us to shrug off the depravity of a world where greed and fear has distorted our natural impulse to serve each other. We have to reverse generations of programming and create a new story that represents us, inspires us and gives us the courage to fulfil our destiny.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. Now the wait is over. Time is running out. We write our new story within every conscious moment as we live our extraordinary lives. Each and every one of us has a part to play, we are all needed. That is why we are here at this pivotal time. Now is not the time to play small. Now is the time to think, dream and be the very best we can be.