Living in a world where the majority of people are still unconscious is hard. I say that with a loving heart free of judgement. There is a season for everything and for whatever reason, it’s still not time for everyone to awaken. I don’t know why it’s not time, it feels as though it should be time, but I’m trying to trust that everything will unfold as and when it needs to.

What I’m finding incredibly challenging right now is to stay unattached to outcome. I feel a silent scream threatening to rip me apart as I witness the many injustices playing out, at the suffering of others and at the shameful way our planet is being disrespected.

You are not alone, if you feel like me. Wherever you are in the world, I send my love to you. I send my compassion to your heart. I send my encouragement to your spirit. I send my gratitude to you for simply being here – a beacon of light in these dark times.

Whoever you are, I love you – brother, sister, fellow traveller through this ailing world. I LOVE YOU and I value you. If you are alone amongst family, friends, neighbours and colleagues, I stand by your side. You cannot see me, but I am there and I know that you are there for me – silently, invisibly, but resolutely there.

The veil between what is seen and what is not is dissolving. I am here. A light for your light. All this noise, this brutal cacophony of sharp, ragged energy feels like a thrashing snake fighting for its survival. It hurts to watch its death throes, but watch it we must. Together. Good times are coming. They will birth from this chaos. Trust it.

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