Where are you? Right now? You are in the same place as me and every other person in creation. You are here in the ever present sacred Now. You are never alone when you are fully present. Everyone that has ever drawn breath is here in this place of homecoming that is vaster than all the universes combined, more condensed than a pinhead. Here. Now. Together. United.

Everyone that you have ever loved that has passed. Everyone yet to be born again. They are here. Nothing, no imagined power, can part us. Do you feel it? You are never alone. Even when you feel isolated and lonely. It is only a faulty thought, a misunderstanding, that makes you feel that those you love are far away and out of reach.

Everything your heart desires is yours already. Even your very identity is concealed within the narrowest of moments. It waits, life waits for you to claim it. Every fragment of your experience – past, present and future – is accessible to you, NOW. You are wisdom beyond anything you can reach for. You are every solution to every perceived problem. You are mother, father, child to life.

You begin to feel this and experience this true reality when you gather yourself in, condense your power, into the only true coordinate that exists in a world of projection and illusion. And that coordinate can be found right where you are. Here. Now. Nowhere else. To be present means everything. Do not give away who you are. Do not allow the world of form to distract you and scatter your power. Whenever you feel distress of any kind know that it is because you have left the place of belonging. Come back. Return. All is well.

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