You know how to make the world a peaceful place to live, you were born knowing. To you it seems as simple as ABC. You hold peace, joy, love, unity and compassion within your being. You are a living container holding the access codes for a new earth within you.

It is hard for you, living in this density within a world of polarity. You look out at the world and you wait. Every time you think that we are on the brink of positive change, you brace yourself. You are ready. And then, something happens to stop it. This happens over and over and you wonder, will humankind ever be ready?

In many ways you are a child, in that you simply can’t compute the cruelty and selfishness of this world. You don’t fit in, most likely you never have. You feel as though you live on the periphery of life. Watching, waiting, hoping. You know about the prophecies. So you stand firm, knowing that a time will come when this nonsensical world will fall into place and at long last make perfect sense to you and your kind.

You feel like an messenger from the future. Of course, you make mistakes too. You are imperfect. But through all the pain and struggle you are connected to a wisdom, a knowledge that you haven’t learnt but have always known. And it is this innate wisdom that has shaped you.

You feel truth rather than discern it through mental faculties. You feel compelled to share what you know in full understanding that most of it will fall on deaf ears, but you tell it all the same.

You may well die without realising that you have already fulfilled your purpose. Because purpose isn’t measured by the numbers of people you have reached, but in the depth and intensity of each encounter. You may only reach one soul, but that one soul could then be the one who will reach many. This is the way. And you are the way.


  1. No turning back now.Mind is having a last attempt at control.I read somewhere that 144,000 human souls were encoded in such away to help humanity move on.It is such massive work,and it hardly matters whether it happens in this lifetime or the next.You already know what your mission is.No death! Truly,there is no such thing.We carry on evolving is all,except a whole heap of us want to do it consciously.We are doing very well.It is a crazy amazing time to be here.Let go-and allow every thing to unfold perfectly.Love in spite of-judge not.None of us know the bigger picture.We created every little bit of this tremendous tapestry,and linear is gone.Life is one amazing spiral.”All the world’s a stage…..” Enjoy the stage while you have it…..xxx

  2. Yes!! this is what i tried getting accross before when you were upset about your blog being slow…it takes time, ive been on 4 yrs and only have a handfull of people that actually bother to like or comment. it doesnt matter, what matters is that one person who is helped through our efforts. 🙂
    love you xxx

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