I think we are all shell shocked today by the news from the USA. I’m trying to allow it to settle and discover if there is anything positive to take from this. Trump isn’t a good man, no matter which angle you look at it from. But, maybe, just maybe we ought not to be trying to understand Trump the man, but Trump the symbol.

As a symbol, he represents all that is wrong with this world. He is the epitome of out of control ego. He’s a racist, xenophobe and a sexist. He is greedy, dishonest, ignorant and aggressive. All those negative qualities condensed into one human being out there on the world stage and under the spotlight for everyone to see. Why?

There is a reason. Nothing in this world is without reason. It seems to me that Trump is here to heal us by showing us hidden aspects of ourselves. None of us are perfect. Trump is an extreme exaggeration of everything that needs to come up for clearing within ourselves.

As the lyric in the Rolling Stones song goes, “you don’t always get what you want, sometimes you get what you need.” Do we need Trump? Perhaps we do. The majority in the USA not only need him, they appear to want him too. But what about the rest of us? What does Trump embody that we need to learn from?

Humanity is at a crossroads. The planet can’t take much more of ego driven man and the devastation he wreaks. But, still, we don’t quite believe it. Still. After all the warnings. We still don’t get it. Perhaps Trump is here to show us in all his awfulness how NOT to do it. He is a man, with not one iota of experience as a politician who has managed to secure the most powerful position on the entire planet. You literally couldn’t make this up.

Now, here’s an uncomfortable thought. It could be that we DESERVE Trump. An enlightened, heart orientated society would NEVER in a million years elect him as president, yet here he is larger than life about to take up the mantle as ‘leader of the free world’. Perhaps when he has served a term in The White House, we will realise what we DON’T want with far greater clarity and choose better next time.

Maybe, as Trump begins his journey as president, we will learn how to recalibrate our hearts and minds to explore better ways of being in this world. Trump will mess up. It is inevitable. How will we respond? Will we mirror his behaviour, will we adopt his mindset or will we learn from his mistakes? As within, so without.

2 thoughts on “TRUMP, THE SYMBOL”

  1. All unfolds perfectly in the world.Trump is an aspect of all of us.Love in spite of.Detach oneself from too much opinionated stuff.We have to lead by example ie with wisdom. Ho’oponopono is a fabulous mantra for all the irks of life.Ones thoughts are soooo powerful,especially right now. Now is the time to wake up.Humanity has crossed the rubicon.The more positive thoughts that can be engendered, the more it can impact positively across our lovely planet.

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