Have you made your mind up? I haven’t. Not about anything. I am open and receptive. I listen to words, but I realise they only form a tiny part of the incoming information. Truly, we need to get out of our heads more of the time and tune into the energetic field of data that surrounds us. I am prepared to intuitively make decisions moment by moment. In the Now. When we approach life with a concrete script of how we will respond to this and that we are always lagging behind what is happening right now. Our power is accessed in the space between each heartbeat. It’s dynamic, fluid, constantly redefining itself because we are responsive beings intimately connected to everything else. When one element of the whole alters, everything shifts. Our intelligence isn’t time bound, it’s free, open ended and yet it’s always with us. But we have to be here, in the immediacy of our being, to access it fully.

2 thoughts on “HAVE YOU MADE YOUR MIND UP?”

  1. Lovely peace,Sue.Passion is the principal of spiritual existence.The words we use do have a relevance,since our choice ofwords dictates how our life unfolds.”Iam that I am” is about the only truth ever.It’s like “get out of your own way,and let it happen.”

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