Sometimes you have to sit down and allow the tears to silently flow. Some days, it’s all you can do. You get days when your heart just feels exhausted, when your spirit needs a break. On days like this, just do it.

Some days the love in your heart gets overwhelmed by the brutality of life. You just don’t understand how you ended up here. Don’t berate your gentle nature. Allow yourself this day. It’s necessary. It’s medicine.

Tears are a sane response to an insane world. Don’t forgive yourself. There is nothing to forgive. You are an angel from the skies. You know this and that’s why it hurts so much.

Pain is okay, although it’s not what you deserve. Let the pain be. Please let the pain be. Don’t deny it or turn away. It has a gift for you. Allow the tears to do their bidding. They are sacred. Like spring water, they cleanse and replenish.

Create a space within your vastness to let it all be exactly as it is. And remember, I love you. Who is this ‘I’ that is here for you no matter what? Don’t you know?

Dig deep and remember. Feel me. I am your memory for when you forget. I am your lover when you feel loveless. I am your home. The door that is always open. I am the laughter that coaxes a smile from your lips. I am your faithful friend that can’t be turned. I am your everything. Always present. Forever yours.

I breathe life into being. I close in around your final moments to call you home. To me. To you. It’s okay. Always and forever. Together. Even now when your need is great. I am here. With you. By your side. There is never anything to fear. You and I are invincible.

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