Most of us know that mainstream media is nothing more than the mouthpiece of the ruling elite. The media doesn’t stand for the people or the land. Thanks to the Internet and social media, we have the power to circumvent the media.

We can, and must, help our brothers and sisters at Standing Rock by sharing the truth of what is taking place there. We need to share video footage and interviews with those on the ground. The media will not do this for us. The media are anti-truth.

This standoff is about far more than Standing Rock, although that is incredibly important. It is about the people of this world standing up to the powers that seek to dominate, crush and control us. It is about all of us – regardless of colour, nationality or religion – uniting TOGETHER.

The future of our planet is at stake. Do we choose to protect our beautiful lands or do accept that we are nothing more than slaves, obedient consumers? We’ve got to decide. Now!

I am alarmed that so many people, friends, relatives and neighbours, are indifferent to what is happening. Don’t you get it????? The Native Americans are YOU. The people of Syria are YOU. We are One People and it’s imperative that we support each other and Mother Earth.

If you’re broke or time poor, you can still help. You can share what is happening. You can talk about it in your communities to spread awareness. But please, don’t turn away. One day soon, you will be next. You better believe it.

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