Past and future are myths. When we stop believing in them, we consolidate all our power and energy in the ever present Now moment. When we believe in linear time, we fragment ourselves by sending out our energy into the ghost lands of nonexistence. By rooting ourselves in the here and now, we reclaim our scattered energy and anchor the fullness of our energetic signature within our physical being.

This gathering in of our power through focused attention makes us incredibly potent and robust. It enables us to operate at maximum efficiency on all levels of our being. From this power point, we can dynamically heal as we learn and grow through right action and even more so through choices that didn’t have the desired effect (mistakes). A mis-take from the ‘past’ can be re-taken in the present, meaning we benefit from the knowledge accrued through being fully present and witness to what we perceived was wrongly chosen the first time.

We don’t drain ourselves with guilt or regret for ‘past’ events. Instead, we optimise the experience so that nothing is wasted. We learn and grow at an accelerated rate, because we never vacate the precise coordinate of Now. There is no linear movement. We don’t weaken our power by taking our eye off the ball by watching it ricochet forwards or backwards. We stay HERE at the centre of the unfolding story. We notice more, much more. We attune to our body. We see and hear metaphors in our external environment and notice that where skin meets air, is a mirror, not a barrier. As within so without actually means something concrete to us. It provides us with infinite knowledge and wisdom that is uniquely tailored to our requirements. Nothing more is needed. It’s perfect.

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