I remember covering the Holocaust at school. We were horrified. We couldn’t understand how the people of Germany and the rest of the world could stand by and let millions of Jewish people perish. And then, years later, all those awareness raising campaigns that pledged, “Never Again”.

From the moral high ground, we judged the people of the 1940’s and in our smugness, we were proud – the British and Americans – that we were better than that, better than Nazi Germany. And yet, for all our good intentions, heroic speeches and vows of creating a more humane world, what do we see unfolding daily, right now?

We bear witness to the massacre of innocents in Syria, we see desperate people drown at sea trying to reach refuge, we see millions die from preventable diseases in cash-poor countries, we see fragile souls dying of hypothermia on the streets of the richest cities in the world. And we see undocumented numbers of people dying from inadequate health care. But that is not the same people cry. Is it not? How is it different? I think it is the same. We could help, we could end the suffering, but we choose to allow it. Do you think it matters to a dying person whether they are killed in a gas chamber or bombed/drowned/froze…No, it’s all the same. And it’s not because people are inherently evil, it’s because they are indifferent or imagine it’s somebody else’s problem.

There is a truth that the ruling elite don’t want us to realise. They want us to identify with our country of origin. And crucially, they want us to be patriots, because to be patriotic is to be obedient to the state. And above all else, they want us to pledge allegiance to our governments over the everyday people of other countries. They want us to stand together behind our politicians and our military. They want to divide us from each other. They cry “look after our own first”, as if this is a noble sentiment, but in reality they don’t even want us to do that. What they really want to inspire within us is a dog eat dog and an I’m alright Jack mentality. We are puppets in training.

We have far more in common with the people of France, Brazil, India or Pakistan, than the politicians who sit isolated in government or the moguls that get rich off the back of the working people. Ultimately there isn’t an us and them, but there is a privileged ruling elite that span the globe. They include royalty, corporate leaders, bankers, military and politicians. They are the seeds of the new world order, already in situ, waiting, biding their time until the climate is ripe for a decisive takeover.

But even with all their wealth and perceived power, they are weak and vulnerable, because in the end it’s a numbers game. We are many and they are few. And that is what they don’t want us to realise, so they disempower us through psychological warfare, poor diet, distraction and misinformation.

They have no power but the power we give away. And we are giving it away, every day in every way imaginable. Those of us that point to the truth are marginalised and ridiculed. But that doesn’t alter truth, it only affects our ability as a people to respond to truth. The ruling elite know this, they depend on it, and they convince the weakest amongst us to act as their thought-police. A self-policing force who mistakenly think they serve good, when in reality all they really stand for is the corrupt establishment and their impending slavery.

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