The victory at Standing Rock isn’t the end of the story, far from it. But, what it could represent if we allow it is a MASSIVE turning point. Standing Rock has demonstrated what we can achieve if we stand together as ONE PEOPLE, united!

It’s shown us with absolute clarity that mainstream media are an utter irrelevance. WE ARE THE MEDIA!!!! If it weren’t for Facebook and Twitter, I for one wouldn’t have heard about what was happening. Millions of people all around the world signed petitions, checked-in to the reservation and made donations. We circumvented the media. We are the ones that got the story out. And it’s interesting that even today the BBC radio news is still silent on the victory of the Water Protectors. It speaks volumes. It tells us that the ruling elite don’t want us to see what is possible when people come together over a common cause. It’s showed what we can achieve together when we shrug off apathy and unite.

This is just the beginning of wave after wave of peaceful protest. We must continue to stand together to protect our planet. Every battle is winnable, it really is. It doesn’t matter how rich and powerful the corporation. Nothing on this earth is stronger than the concerted will of the people. We’ve go to step up and into a new role. We have demonstrated that we are the media, now we need to CLAIM our right to be policy makers too. It’s up to us. Our future, individually and collectively, is on the line.

And don’t let mainstream media’s last minute dash to cover events at Standing Rock fool you. That was a last desperate scramble of a beast on the brink of extinction desperately trying to convince us that it is still needed. Too late, far too late. Mainstream media, we are over you.

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