I live in a world without borders. That’s my choice. I don’t look to governments to tell me that I’m English, British or European. I’m a citizen of planet Earth. It’s an important realisation. I may well still require a passport to travel. I don’t, however, need a passport to care or to be an activist.

So wherever in the world I can make a difference – and we all can – I’ll be there. I might not be physically there but I’ll write about it to raise awareness, I’ll sign petitions and donate what I can. To me that is what being a global citizen is all about.

We can all do likewise if we choose it. We can give the best of ourselves to lend support where it’s needed most, utilising our unique gifts. That’s how we realise our power. We step away from our flags and small national identities and join hands and hearts around the world.

What affects one, affects all. So it’s just as much my business whether an injustice takes place in England or Bolivia. For centuries we have been controlled and suppressed by a simple divide and rule agenda. So we do the opposite – we unite and cooperate. It’s as simple as that.

We don’t need to compete with other countries. We don’t need to strive to be at the top of whatever league tables the economists devise. What we do need to do is befriend each other. Get to know our neighbours, learn about them, cultivate curiosity and openness. When we do, we begin to realise that we have nothing to fear from our overseas brothers and sisters, nothing at all.

The problems we are experiencing are largely down to the fact that we have been manipulated into fearing and distrusting our neighbours, whilst simultaneously trusting our governments. And that is a complete reversal of what we should be doing. The enemy isn’t waiting to pounce from some foreign country. The enemy sits in government, heads up the banks, leads the armies and controls the media.

We are one planet, one people, spinning through the vastness of space. To fight and bicker is preposterous. I mean seriously unhinged. The new world is birthing right now. It’s time. A great wave of awakening is here. A tsunami of disclosures are breaking through the cloak of secrecy and deception. There has never been an easier time to push on through and grab our freedom with both hands.

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