Never give up. Speak your truth. Even if it seems the tide is against you and nobody is listening, keep going. Share what you know with others. If they laugh, let them laugh. If they criticise you or get angry, keep going. Don’t let your words die inside you.

In a world where many speak the same words, be the one that speaks with creative originality. It doesn’t matter what other people think of you. Be bold. To self edit is madness. Too many people are frightened and want love so badly they sacrifice who they really are to gain approval and acceptance.

Life is too magnificent and precious to waste it on compromise. What a way to live! Running everything through internally time after time, wondering if what bubbles up inside you is going to make people love you more or less.

Keep your inner space clear of unwritten and unspoken words, of unfulfilled dreams and ideas. Keep you inner space as a sacred chamber, a channel waiting to be filled with light, love, peace and truth. But don’t even hang onto these sacred qualities. Keep them moving on through, out into the world. Don’t cling onto anything. More treasures are queuing up to take their place. You can only receive what you are willing to give.

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