You are not locked in a prison so there is no need to search for an escape route, a way out. Freedom is already here. It is within us. It is not hidden. It is only password protected. And the password for each of us is the same. All we need to is utter the silent word ‘yes’.

It is not a yes with an opposite of no. This ‘yes’ is the original sacred ‘YES’. It simply means, I see, I know, I feel, I remember, I Am. It is a Yes formed in the heart, not from three letters, but from one truth, the original, one, pure truth that we are. It does not pass through the lips, it emerges from the heart which means it can never be faked or cribbed from another.

Every sacred Yes is the same but there are billions of ways of saying it. We don’t create it ourselves. All we need do is recognise that it’s been there all along. That recognition is freedom.


Namaste 💖🙏💖

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