cheering woman open arms to sunrise at sea

Is it just me or do other people experience one dominant emotion for a period of time? You still have other emotions, but you live one particular emotion very strongly. You go deeply into that emotion and notice how it affects you and different areas of your inner and outer life.

My strongest emotion is currently gratitude. Not a superficial type of cliched gratitude, a dynamic take-your-breath-away kind of gratitude. It’s a gratitude that enriches everything it touches and transforms the seemingly banal into the deeply sacred. It brings me to my knees and tears open my heart with its power.

It’s sacred alchemy – gratitude. Because nothing much has changed externally and yet the deep inner reality couldn’t be more different. Happiness, peace and joy are kind of like points of view that the heart holds. These qualities that we all seek are found when we hopscotch over our egos and sit without need and minus control in the spaciousness of our hearts.

Gratitude is infectious. When we embrace gratitude and allow it to show us just one little thing that is good in our lives, it waterfalls gently and with infinite kindness into multiple areas of our lives. And then the isolating bubble of judgement, greed and ‘having less than’ pops. We wake up and the funny thing is, it’s only in this moment that we realise that we’ve been asleep. The life we thought we were living was merely a sleepwalking stumble.

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