What lies beneath a smile? It should be joy, peace, love and happiness. That’s exactly how it should be, but often it’s not the case. People use smiles to hide. It’s a way of saying that you’re okay, there’s no need to dig deeper. I’d love to know exactly what percentage of smiles are real and how many are fake. Do we choose to accept the face value of a smile? Or do we use our intuitive heart to discern what’s really going on?

Smiles can dam years of tears. Smiles can act like a STOP barrier, both from letting our true feelings out and keeping friends from helping us to heal.

During some of the darkest periods of my life, and I’ve really been down there, I’ve faced the world with a smile pinned to my face. It wasn’t a genuine smile, it was the glue that held my face together in a mask that the world wanted to see. The world can be a cold and busy place, and most people don’t have the time or inclination to really know us. So when people ask how you are, they don’t want an honest answer. What they really want is validation that everything is a-ok.

And if you run out of steam and allow your face to slump, you often get the order – smile, it won’t kill you comment – or a variation thereof. I don’t know about you, but nothing bugs me more than people demanding smiles to order.

Smiling when you are in deep emotional pain is insane. I won’t do it anymore. If you don’t want to see my pain, you know where the door is. There is nothing to fear from sadness and pain – not yours or anyone else’s. Yet people behave as if it’s contagious.

When you are deeply and authentically rooted in genuine happiness, as averse to playing out some psychotic Disneyland cheap copy of happiness, you can do immense good with your happiness. Your happiness can give people real hope, especially if you’ve been to hell and back in order to get there. It shows others that “this too shall pass” in a very real way.

One thought on “THIS TOO SHALL PASS”

  1. I hear ya. Made the same decision about 10years ago and slowly watched my friendship circle dissolve. Now I have ‘friends’ but no one I can pick up the phone to daily, or calls me to see how I am or calls for a coffee etc, no one I can really call a true friend.
    But that is ok, everyone is fighting their own battles in some way and not everyone can set their own shit aside long enough to listen to another’s.
    When we show the scars behind the mask, it shatters peoples perception of you, especially when you have always been the strong one for them. They simply move onto the next person who will hear them out and ask nothing in return.
    Such is life, do we put the mask back on? will it even fit any more? Or do we give thanks for the few friends that still care from afar?
    Personally, I would rather have a few select friends that I dont see often, over energy vampires on a daily basis, anytime. 🙂

    Love you Sue <3 xxxx

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