Whether you accept yourself as you are or not, there you are, you being unequivocally you. Non-acceptance of self is a threefold act of war. It’s a personal vendetta against mind, body and spirit. Like every war, no one wins.

No aspect of self can win in such a personal war. By refusing to accept yourself in your totality, you weaken and damage yourself. Acceptance of self is key to healing and mastery. Just because you accept yourself, doesn’t mean that you let yourself off the hook.

When we move deeply into acceptance, we are much better placed to change aspects of ourselves that cause us suffering. It’s always easier to help a friend, it’s ┬ánigh on impossible to help a foe. Looking at yourself through the lens of acceptance reveals a truer picture than squinting through the muddy lens of non-acceptance. Aspects of self that we are afraid to look at and examine honestly, because we fear them, multiply and gain strength, whereas aspects of self that are viewed from the still point of spacious acceptance, lose much of their power through the transformative power of loving ownership.

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