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We Are All Warriors

warrior1You are the hero of your own life. You are incredibly courageous to keep showing up for yourself day after day. Never compare yourself to other people. We are all courageous in different ways.

My ability to be strong is not the same as yours. Things that terrify me won’t bother you and vice versa. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Compare yourself to your last best effort. We are all warriors. Just to be here, incarnated in physicality, is such a heroic undertaking.

To be separated from Source, from infinite love, peace and bliss, is like jumping off a cliff into the darkness below. It takes mountains of faith and courage. But you did that, I did too. It’s one of the many reasons I feel such tenderness for everyone.

We sacrificed ourselves, for a time, to leave our home of love and light and descend into this world of suffering and alienation. When it’s all over, when we transition, this human life will seem as brief as a blink of an eye.

You can feel the echo of that relief from the future now, in your present. It is there to comfort you, that gasp of cosmic comprehension. You can feel it if you try. I see and feel it sometimes. Time folds in on itself and I’m there. I’m back home and everything is crystal clear. When life overwhelms me, I try to reconnect to that knowing.



I’m finished with playing small. I relinquish the need for polarity in order to define myself as good and worthy. I step into the magnificence of my radiant loving heart. I unapologetically express my greatness with ease and humility.

I drop the need to attract drama into my reality. Excitement, meaning and purpose arise out of my non-resistance to life’s infinite creativity.

I turn away from wars and battles. They are not needed anymore. My very being is at peace with itself and all expressions of life. Outer wars are reflections of inner conflict.

I allow all beings to be exactly as they are. I do not even refrain from judgement. The desire to judge is extinct within me. I neither judge myself nor any other, including all situations and experiences. I exercise discernment in all areas of my life.

I cultivate the observing presence. I reside there with greater frequency and root myself deeply in the ground of self knowing.

I neither grasp nor repel. I am the stillness within that is in need of nothing. I open with trust to the grandest expression that I am. I make love with the sacred flow of existence. I journey along my life path with curiosity and sacred playfulness.

I honour everything I feel. I do not try to change anything my heart desires to share with me. I commune with every emotion, yet I do not lose myself in the communion. Instead I discover facets that only reveal themselves when I trust to surrender unconditionally.

I take responsibility for everything I witness. I understand that I am never cursed by what passes, only honoured and blessed with gifts of expanding awareness and ever deepening love.

I acknowledge that with ultimate freedom comes ultimate responsibility. I grow into this responsibility with every in-breath, I expand into sacred freedom with every out-breath. I meditate on balancing the scales of my being with these two weightless, formless qualities.

I am prepared to change my mind about anything and everything. In this I am open and attach no importance to being right or wrong. I understand that right and wrong are relative and as I ripen in wisdom and strengthen my ability to imagine creatively, so too the perimeters of reality expand with me.

I am love. I forget this sometimes, but I love myself regardless. I forget that others are love too and I love them with even greater tenderness.

In Gratitude

Today I feel deep gratitude for the constant stream of loving guidance I receive from Source. I pledge to love myself more fully by allowing and responding to the prompts from my Higher Self.

I give thanks to the wonder of my physical body that is so much more than the flesh and bones of it. Encoded within every cell is a vast database that carries everything I need to flourish and prosper on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes. I undertake to honour my body for all that it is, not merely as a device for navigating the physical.

I also undertake to develop a more intimate bond with my body and I vow to nourish it well – with love, excerise, food, rest and stimulation. I understand that I am neither 100% physical nor 100% spiritual, but a sacred combination of the two. By nurturing one aspect of myself, I nurture all that I am.

I strive for balance, harmony and wholeness in all that I am, all that I do, all that I feel, express and create. Today, I pledge all this to myself, not from a position of should but from a heart centred response to the Love that created me.